This page is the portal to the largest collection of Project A-ko information anywhere. Here you will find movie reviews, character profiles, in joke explanations, frequently asked questions and a lot more. You can access this information by clicking on the letters below, or the categories below the letters.

Movie Reviews

Read reviews of the six A-ko movies, and contribute to discussion of the movies.

Character Profiles

These are descriptions of many of the characters in the Project A-ko movies, examining who they are and what makes them tick.


The movies are littered with obvious and subtle jokes and references to other anime and pop culture. Read the explanations here.


Despite being a largely comedy series, Project A-ko has a wide range of very impressive and unique mechanical designs. This section examines them in detail.


From A-ko’s room to the bridge of the alien space ship, from Graviton Girls School to the desert planet of the Battles movie, there are many varied locations in the movies.

Cast and Crew

Meet the people behind the movies. The Project A-ko crew list reads like a who’s who of great anime creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many strange things going on in the movies, and lots of questions about merchandise, Japanese culture or the web site itself. The answers are here.

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