The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (2024)

So far, most Ford Bronco owners, both the new and existing ones, are interested in the issues that are common to Ford Broncos. Issues like hardtop scaling, engine seizures, and some other common ones are on this list.

According to a forum thread, many Ford Bronco owners had a couple of things to say about the common issues this vehicle has. Some issues they had experienced directly like hill assist error and hardtop latches while others were a result of hearsay. A person on the forum claimed to have heard about the different problems Bronco owners face and this served as a discouragement to him from getting a Bronco.

The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (1)

Different complaints and problems like the soft top breaking tabs on windows, windshield breaking or cracking, hardtop issues, hoses, and bolt issues, issues with the paint job, and so on. According to this person, these issues might have seemed quite little and unproblematic but absolutely not worth the risk as they could lead to a bigger problem later on.

Some other statements on the forum thread claimed that first-year models of vehicles usually have problems that are way over the top. While some other statements claimed that they know a couple of Bronco owners who have not faced any of the issues written above. So, can we say that it is a matter of Ford not consistently building the Bronco to be reliable?

Ford Bronco Problems You Should Know About

The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (2)

Powertrain and Engine Problems on a Ford Bronco

    Engine problems are one of the common issues that Bronco owners face ranging from causes like fuel starvation to a damaged oil pan. According to research, a 2022 Bronco owner discovered that his vehicle wasn’t measuring oil correctly because it had the wrong oil dipstick, and having the wrong oil dipstick can cause damage to the engine because enough oil will not be installed into your vehicle.

    The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (3)

    Fuel starvation is another reason why an engine could get damaged and is also an issue of the Ford Bronco. Only two studs are usually used by Ford to attach the 300ci carburetor and as time goes on, the carburetor rocks which leads to failure of the gasket that it sits on and thereby causes poor fuelling. For this type of problem, the solution is quite easy – simply replace the gasket and ensure the nuts are tightened to the required torque.

    Bronco owners have also had to deal with engine failures which were caused as a result of valve issues. It was the common problem of the standard V6 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine for the Bronco Wildtrak. There were many reports from Bronco owners about their engine suddenly stopping and refusing to come on even before reaching 5,000 miles. The cause of this was that the valves in their Bronco had broken and destroyed the engine head and/or block.

    This problem usually led to these Bronco owners getting a new engine and it was traced to a bad batch of valves that were used during Bronco’s production run (the first few months), according to a Bronco forum. The engines that are most likely to have valvetrain failures were made between July and October 2021.

    The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (4)

    Lastly, another powertrain problem is the constant complaints of pieces or metal shavings in the engine cavity. One example of this problem is a Bronco owner I’m Pennsylvania who realized this problem after a couple of other problems sprung up from it. Problems like powertrain malfunction and when the mechanic put a camera into the engine, he could see loose pieces of metal in the engine.

    Problems Related to Faulty Turbo Wastegates

    The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (5)

      Another common problem of the Ford Bronco is the ones related to faulty turbo wastegates which is a little surprising because a new vehicle having a turbocharger wastegate malfunction is not a result of wear and tear. A couple of Broncos with inline dour 2.3-liter EcoBoost engines have had turbocharger problems which usually happened in the first 100 miles.

      This problem is not actually a result of turbo failure but the result of the internal wastegate failing. The internal wastegate controls the boost pressure and once it starts to malfunction, Bronco owners will have to deal with issues like low boost, powertrain malfunction, reduced performance, engine light issues, etc.

      The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (6)

      One experience is that of a Bronco which only had 43 miles and lost power on the highway. This was very dangerous as the Bronco was passing a semi-truck and it could have led to a major accident if there was another vehicle behind the Bronco. Keep in mind that the Bronco was brand new and the turbo failed.

      Another experience is that of a two-week-old Bronco which had only gone 150 miles over three days. On the fourth day, a check engine light came on while the owner was on the highway and it ended up being a powertrain malfunction. The next day, after a little check-up, a wastegate malfunction was added to the list of problems.

      Electrical System Problems

      The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (7)

        The complaints most Bronco owners have of problems with their electrical system are usually combined with brake issues which are quite serious. But apart from that, Ford Bronco owners have other electrical problems. For example, one complained about the windows not rising when closing the door and not dropping when opening the door like they used to.

        There have also been concerns about a fire erupting or the engine exploding due to these electrical problems. A Bronco owner reported that his engine was emitting sulfur odors and smoke which lead to fear that it would’ve exploded. Another Bronco owner was a victim of a fire caused by electrical problems – the fire started under the hood of the vehicle for no reason.

        Broken Tie Rods

        The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (8)

          Broken tie rods are a common problem of sixth-generation Ford Broncos and are usually caused by intense and treacherous off-roading. Broken tie rods leave a car useless because it disrupts the connection between the steering wheel and the steering rack.

          Ford Broncos are extremely impressive vehicles when it comes to off-roading activities like extreme trails and rock crawling but it is always advisable to upgrade your tie rods if you are going for bigger wheels and tires for more treacherous off-roading activities.

          The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (9)

          The Bronco has an independent front suspension known as IFS but unfortunately, it is not as robust as the solid axles that dedicated off-roaders make use of. So, it gets easily stretched. Lastly, the poor off-roading technique is another reason why tie rods fail in Ford Broncos.

          Hardtop Issues

          The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (10)

            Yes, we saved the popular issue associated with Ford Broncos for the last and that is the problems with hardtops. Hardtop issues are the most common issues with Broncos as there have been numerous complaints of cosmetic issues and quality. This problem led Ford to replace their hardtops with updated versions but even with that, Bronco owners still report problems with their hardtops.

            There are so many issues that Bronco owners have encountered including rattles and squeaking noises, corners breaking off, water leaks, panel gaps, rubbing against body panels, rough edges, and mismatched colors. According to some experiences, one Bronco owner had problems with its MIC 2.0 hardtop as it was starting to delaminate. The hardtop was a November 2021 build date.

            The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (11)

            Another Bronco owner complained about how his roof has been leaking from different places like the aux switches. According to this Bronco owner, the roof has never looked right even after six months of purchasing the Bronco.

            The newer MIC hard tops do not have as many issues as the old ones but Bronco owners still have complaints of manufacturing defects and fit and finish problems. So, one cannot exactly run away from hardtop issues with the Ford Broncos. These babies are not so durable and extremely fragile and could easily crack if they are manhandled.


            There are other issues on the list of common problems that Bronco owners face but the ones written above are quite popular. On Ford forum threads, one can easily see the different problems Bronco owners have faced and how they dealt with them – ranging from mild to serious.

            Broncos are fantastic vehicles, but just like other vehicles, they have problems. Having an idea of the common problems Bronco owners face will help prevent them as new or exciting Bronco owners.

            The Most Common Ford Bronco Issues and Problems (2024)


            Which Bronco engine is failing? ›

            One of the most common engine issues in Ford Bronco revolves around the 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost engine. This engine type has been reported to have problems that lead to total engine failure in some cases.

            Is the Ford Bronco a reliable car? ›

            Quality and Reliability 75.0/100

            The 2024 Ford Bronco has a predicted reliability score of 75 out of 100. A J.D. Power predicted reliability score of 91-100 is considered the Best, 81-90 is Great, 70-80 is Average and 0-69 is Fair and considered below average.

            What Bronco to avoid? ›

            Q: Which Ford Bronco Sport years should I avoid? We advise keeping away from the 2021 and 2022 selections. They have the worst reviews and are the oldest selections on the market.

            What is the average life of a Ford Bronco? ›

            The specific lifespan is a mystery as there are many factors that are bound to influence how long will a Bronco last. With proper maintenance and care, the new Bronco should last anywhere from 150,000 to 200,000 miles or more.

            Why is the Ford Bronco being recalled? ›

            Federal regulators are questioning the method that Michigan automaker Ford took to repair thousands of SUVs it recalled early last month. In April, Ford recalled nearly 43,000 Bronco Sports and Escapes SUVs because gasoline can leak from the fuel injectors onto hot engine surfaces, increasing the risk of fires.

            What are the most desirable years for a Ford Bronco? ›

            There are six generations of the Ford Bronco, including the newest model that was introduced in 2021. Of the five classic body styles, the first-generation Bronco is, by far, the most desirable. These Broncos were built from 1966 through 1977 with very few changes along the way.

            Are Ford Broncos expensive to maintain? ›

            Estimating Ford Bronco Maintenance Costs

            The cost of maintaining and repairing a Ford Bronco can vary widely, but owners can generally expect to spend between $95 and $404 per service visit, with an average of $134.

            Does Bronco hold its value? ›

            A Ford Bronco will depreciate 35% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $30,955. The chart below shows the expected depreciation for the next 10 years.

            What are the weak points of the Ford Bronco? ›

            That said, these FMI tie rods look killer especially if you remove the little wing air dams or bumper end caps. "Everyone knows (even if they don't want to admit it) that the new Ford Bronco has some key weak points - the steering rack and the tie rods.

            What is the best Ford Bronco model to get? ›

            The Ford Bronco Wildtrak earns its top spot among Bronco trims for several compelling reasons. Designed for the ultimate off-road experience, it comes equipped with a Sasquatch Package as standard, featuring larger 35-inch tires, high-clearance fenders, and locking front and rear differentials.

            Which new Bronco is best for everyday driving? ›

            There are several different ways you can outfit your Bronco, depending on how you plan to use it. For everyday commuting needs, we'd go for a four-door in the Outer Banks trim and get the optional hardtop. The Outer Banks is one of the more on-road-friendly Bronco trims, thanks to quieter street-or...

            Why did Ford discontinue the Bronco? ›

            The last Bronco rolled off the assembly line on June 12, 1996 at the Michigan Truck Plant. The taste of the American consumers was changing, and the stalwart two-door sport utility vehicle was being replaced in the Ford lineup by the four-door Expedition.

            What is the issue with the 2024 Bronco Sport? ›

            2021—2024 Bronco® Sport SUVs and 2022—2023 Maverick® Trucks — Loss of Power Recall. Building vehicles you can count on is our most important job, which is why Ford has issued a safety recall for certain 2021–2024 model year Bronco Sport SUVs and 2022-2023 model year Maverick Trucks.

            Why is everyone buying Ford Bronco? ›

            Now, the Ford Bronco is once again one of the hottest vehicles in America. Part of why the new Bronco is so popular is simply that it's a unique vehicle. In an age where manual transmissions are being phased out, the Bronco offers it as an option. The Bronco doesn't forget its off-road roots either.

            Is the Ford Bronco a safe car? ›

            The overall frontal crash test rating is four out of five stars, with the driver's side rated at four stars and the passenger side at five stars. Meanwhile, the rollover crash test is three out of five stars. There is a 25.60% rollover risk for this vehicle upon testing.

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