Accidental Inflation by alphahawk45 (2024)

Abby ends up accidentally inflating her sister Zoey, and then Zoey gets Laura and Abby to try it.

Also it’s their introduction to inflation, so yeah. I wonder if they’re going to like it.

|Story Starts Here|

Everybody finished up their morning routines and ate breakfast. Then Jack, Bryan, Ashley, Max, Tyler, and Laura started to get ready to head out to the nearby lake. Jack and Ashley finished getting ready before everyone else and were waiting by the door. Max walked up to them and Jack chuckled then asked “Seriously Max why do you keep going overkill with the heavy clothes?” Max responded “Dude it is extremely cold outside. Also unlike you Ashley and Bryan, the rest of us aren’t part dragon so we can’t heat ourselves up easily.” A few minutes later everybody was waiting on Laura, Laura finally finished and went to the door everyone was waiting at. Everybody started to head outside then Laura saw her two sisters and they looked very annoyed. Laura stopped walking outside then said “On second thought, since my sisters can’t go I won’t go.” Bryan said “That’s very thoughtful to think of your sisters Laura, anyway see you later.” Everybody left then Laura closed the door, and then Abby walked up to her and said “Thanks for staying here with us, sis.” Then Zoey saw Mark and Caitlyn stayed and asked “Why aren’t you two with the others?” Mark responded “I don’t want to end up frozen solid again, plus I’ve got some stuff I’ve been working on.” Caitlyn also responded and said “I’m just staying here because well I’d like to stay with Mark.” Zoey grinned a little then walked off and went back to her sisters.

A few minutes later Laura, Abby, and Zoey were messing around then Laura stumbled into one of the supply closets and knocked over some stuff. Laura got up and said “Agh! My dorsal fin and my head hurt.” Laura stepped out of the closet and went to go get a painkiller. Zoey went into the supply closet and grabbed some of the stuff that was in it. Zoey and Abby were messing around with some pumps they grabbed and Mark walked by and saw them. Abby then saw Mark and asked “Mark, what are these?” Mark walked up and grabbed one of the pumps and said “It’s a pump, there are many different types though, but generally they take something like a liquid or gas and move it somewhere else. Also you have a few other things there” finished explaining it to them, then Mark walked off to his and Caitlyn’s room to go lay down for a bit.

|Inflation starts here|

A few minutes after Mark left Abby was fiddling with an air compressor, then she activated it and the hose started to flail around cartoon style. The hose ended up flailing and got into Zoey’s mouth, Zoey didn’t even react she just felt a lot of pleasure from the air flowing into her body. Zoey then sat down and just rubbed her belly, then Abby walked up and asked “What are you doing?” Zoey didn’t respond instead she just looked like she was enjoying herself, a lot. Abby sat down next to her sister and just watched to see if she could figure out what was happening. A few seconds later Abby noticed Zoey’s belly was getting slightly bigger every second. Abby just looked at her sister in confusion, then about a minute later Zoey nearly had a half foot wide belly. Abby got up then said “I’m just going to leave you to this.” Then she started to walk off, and Laura was returning. Laura saw Zoey and said “Woah, What happened?” Zoey took the hose out of her mouth and said “No idea, but it feels good” then Zoey turned off the air compressor and got up. Laura was very confused still, then Zoey walked up to her and asked “Isn’t this cool?” Laura responded “Not really, I mean you just have a bigger belly.” Laura and Zoey walked over to the pool and Zoey got in and floated on the water. Zoey giggled then said “I float a little, cool!” Laura went to the edge of the pool and sat down, then she said “Yeah I guess that is cool, anyway I’m just gonna go find Mark and see if he wants to do anything fun.” Laura got up and started to walk off, then Zoey said “Wait! How about you try this.” Laura stopped walking and turned to face Zoey then said “I don’t want to.” Zoey responded “Aw come on it feels good.” Laura said no then Zoey kept trying to get Laura to try, then eventually Laura said “Fine, but if I don’t like it I’m stopping.” Zoey responded “Fine with me.”

A few seconds later Laura had the hose in her mouth and Zoey said “Just relax.” Zoey then started the air compressor, Laura felt quite uncomfortable with the air being forced into her, but she let Zoey keep at it for her. A few seconds later Laura’s belly started to puff out, and Laura felt so full. A little bit later Laura reached potbelly status then took the hose out of her mouth and said “That is quite uncomfortable to do, ugh I feel so full.” Laura got up and walked off to her room, meanwhile Zoey thought to herself “I don’t get why she doesn’t like this” then Zoey went back to inflating herself.

Mark was walking by Laura then he saw her belly and said “Hmm, ate too much?” Laura responded “Zoey got me to try something weird, man I feel so full, anyway I don’t get why she is enjoying it.” Mark then went to the pool and saw Zoey inflating herself. Mark walked up and asked “Enjoying yourself?” Zoey nodded her head, then Mark started to rub Zoey’s beach ball sized belly.

Abby returned to the pool to relax a bit then saw Zoey and said “I saw Laura, and she told me that is uncomfortable, I don’t get why you like that.” Then Mark got up and said “Hey not everybody is into everything.” Abby chuckled then said “I guess you’re right, anyway I’m just gonna swim around in the pool for a bit if you don’t mind.” Zoey’s belly kept inflating bigger and bigger, slowly growing. Eventually she ended up with a nearly three foot wide belly and stopped. Zoey turned off the compressor and took the hose out of her mouth then hugged her inflated belly. Then Ashley returned to the mansion and stumbled upon Zoey and said “I see someone was keeping busy.” Zoey blushed then said “Yeah” Ashley patted Zoey’s inflated belly then said “Hey a lot of us here enjoy this too.” Zoey looked at Ashley and gave an “I know your just saying that” look. Ashley noticed then said “Seriously we do, I even have some pics on my phone.” Laura heard the conversation then walked up and asked “You really enjoy that? It feels so uncomfortable.” Ashley turned around and face Laura, then pulled out her phone and showed some pictures. Laura gave Ashley an “Are you serious?” look, then Laura walked off.


Everybody returned home and Zoey was spotted, Jack said “Well then someone had fun.” Then Max asked “How’d this happen Zoey?” Zoey blushed then said “Me and Abby were messing around with an air compressor then it activated and the hose flailed and ended up in my mouth. Also this feels good.”

Max chuckled then walked up to Zoey and then said “There is no need to be embarrassed. Most of us here enjoy it too.” A few seconds later Jack saw Laura and said “I see you joined in.” Laura gave an annoyed glance at Jack and said “It’s very uncomfortable.” A few seconds later Abby walked up with Mark and Abby’s belly was about one foot wide. Laura pouted then said “Please don’t tell me you like that.” Abby responded and said “It’s very weird, I agree with you, and it’s quite a bit uncomfortable.” Mark rubbed Abby’s inflated belly and said “You and Laura will start to enjoy it after a while.” Abby responded and said “Probably not.” Then everybody went to what they usually did, well except for Zoey, she just wanted to see how big she could get.

|The end|

Accidental Inflation by alphahawk45 (2024)
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