Air Inflation – Stories by Vex (2024)


Her daughter’s birth was happening soon, and her body wasn’t making her time easy. Madison had been constipated, bloated, and cramping. She could barely move on her own, and as she expected, The Master planned to work her suffering into one of their broadcasts. Guiding her into an open room, there sat a large machine with multiple flexible tubes attached to the side. It looked like something from a cheesy science fiction film. They planned to give her an enema with this outlandish contraption.

The butler brought her in on a wheelchair and helped her onto a table. Her large, soft frame jiggled with even the slightest movement. She was awkwardly large and awkwardly heavy, making the padded metal table creak as she lay back with her legs spread. The Master stood by as the two supposed doctors in white coats strapped her in and prepared the machine. One inserted a lubricated tube up her butt, working it painfully deep as the other inserted an IV into her arm. The pregnant girl was on full display and at their mercy.

“They will monitor you as we cleanse you, Madison.” The Master spoke for the unseen crowd of viewers. “I know you don’t care for this type of treatment, but you did agree, correct?”
“Yeah, go ahead.” She despised the enemas, but she knew once the baby came she would be back with the main group.

The doctor flipped a switch and turned a dial gently. She felt the water creeping through her guts, making her stomach gurgle loudly. She clenched an eye shut as she acclimated to the sensation. She had become used to the recent routine: oiling her belly to avoid stretch marks and taking an increasing amount of water to stretch her stomach. They always pushed her to her limit and they gave her an IV bag before and after the experience to keep her child’s nutrients in line. This would be her last performance before having her child. They assured her numerous times that it would be safe.

She watched her enormous belly rising higher and higher, spreading outward as the bed of water lifted her child from within. She tried to hide discomfort from the unpleasant feeling, but it was intense. She drew a sharp breath, searching along the ceiling for some kind of distraction as the machine whirred, forcing more and more water up her ass. She tensed, pulling at the straps and making her engorged belly sway side to side. She was nearly to her limit as the machine stopped, giving her a moment before it pulled the wastewater out.

The humming started again and she felt the liquid being pulled from her stomach. She liked this part, feeling extreme relief as she emptied without effort. It only ran for a short time before it stopped again, leaving her holding most of the enema. Madison looked to the orchestrator with a pleading smile, trying to maintain composure for the viewers. The machine started again and she felt a harder blast of water pushing into her ass.

Madison groaned, seeing her belly grow to its limit once again. The flow of water didn’t slow and she couldn’t mask her concern as she looked to the observers. She felt cramps and pain as her skin pulled tight. She let out short, quick breaths as she panicked. “Stop it! I’m going to break!” The men watched. “I need this to stop! Now!” She shrieked and one man finally flipped the switch.

Her belly was big and tight, filled beyond what she had taken before. She breathed through her teeth, fighting through the agony as she lay helpless. She let out a sad gasp, leaning back and looking to the ceiling as she squirmed. Her large, swollen body shook as she shifted back and forth. The cramps turned to aches, but it didn’t get easier. Her pained eyes looked to the men standing around her, but they only watched her torment. One of the doctors reached up to the machine, turning it on before she could speak.

The machine hummed, pushing more into her filled body. She felt objects bumping around inside as the warm water entered. She was disgusted, knowing it was the wastewater pulled from her before. They continued observing as she whimpered, unable to speak as the fluid pushed up her ass. She felt embarrassed as her puss* glistened with excitement. She could feel her arousal and she knew where their cameras were focused.

She grunted, raising her hips in a desperate attempt to lessen the building pressure. She was overcome, feeling agony as her belly grew tighter, knowing she was filling with sh*t that was pulled out at the beginning.They’re humiliating me for the viewers. Thousands of people are beating off to my pain. Why the f*ck am I doing this?She started sobbing, falling back onto the table as she let the pain wash over her. An org*sm was just out of reach and she only hoped her suffering would make the torture stop.

The machine stopped, but it trapped the fluid inside her. She was bawling, shaking as she wept. She raised again, thrashing against her bonds, knowing she was at their mercy. She didn’t notice as Lilly approached, standing beside her with a smile. The other pregnant girl ran a hand along her belly, sliding lower, running her fingers down to her privates. She had a clean, enjoyable aroma. Madison drew a deep, shaky breath as her crying subsided. She raised up on her elbows, trying to watch as Lilly touched her cl*t and rubbed between her shaven lower lips.

Her belly was far too large to see anything. She laid back without complaint, enjoying the stimulation. Staring at the ceiling, she grew tense, moaning as an org*sm crept closer. Her full, springy body shook as Lilly fingered her. Her stomach gurgled, but the pain was lessened now. She shifted side to side, letting her large, soft breasts slide appealingly for the hidden viewers. Some milk showed from her nipples and Lilly used the opportunity to suck on one. It was a blissful feeling as she wound up, preparing for the biggest release of her life when Lilly stepped back. She gave a wistful smile as she waited for the org*sm to pass.

“What the hell!? Keep going! Please, please, keep going!” Madison grunted angrily.
“Not so fast.” Lilly looked to the machine operator as he flipped a switch.

The machine whirred, blasting more fluid into Madison’s ass, making her scream and squirm. Her belly raised higher, shaking with every slight movement. She was overcome by pain, but a small remnant of desire kept her from going crazy. She fought through, pleading to Lilly for another touch. The machine stopped and Lilly came closer once more. Madison was overjoyed to feel her touch, thrusting her hips higher in anticipation.

She felt a finger press into her cl*t. It wasn’t the intense fingering she wanted, but it was too late to come back. She moved her hips against the firm touch until the org*sm was undeniable. She clenched her teeth and gasped loudly, raising up as she endured one of the most powerful climaxes of her life. She fell back, drained and sore, seeing her mountainous belly and knowing how much water must be in there beneath her child.

The machine clicked on and she felt the water sliding out. The suction felt wonderful as the tube violently bucked, carrying fluid and objects from her bowels. Her full breasts bounced and her chubby frame shook. She knew the viewers were enjoying it – her thick, silky smooth body quivering as she lay spread eagle. She closed her eyes, letting out a cute moan, relaxing as the machine emptied her belly.

What the f*ck did I do?She waited in the hall, preparing to enter the first room.I give that bitch a hard time and they punish me? I’m the one making it interesting!She adjusted the apparatus covering her privates as she thought.Willa likes being told what to do.Not my fault that I went a little too far.

A metal plate with a thin slit covered her puss* and thick leather straps went around her hips. A small lock on the side kept her from taking it off. She was able to do her business still, and the back was completely open. She had been wearing the chastity belt for days, but now she was told to visit the other rooms. She was so incredibly frustrated, knowing that her ass was still accessible on purpose. She liked anal normally, but she needed some stimulation up front to make it fun. Now it would only increase her irritation.

Keira guided her in, holding a golden, tennis-sized rubber ball. The plump girl gave her a wistful smile. “I’m sorry. You know we have to-“
“Yeah, yeah, I’m aware.” Traci spoke defiantly as she bent over and opened her ass wide. “Just use lots of lube.”

Keira obliged, using some of her lotion to prepare her ass. She slipped in a few fingers, opening her asshole gently. Traci was used to this kind of thing, so she barely made a peep. Keira prepped the ball after a minute and slid it around against her entrance, pressing it in carefully with multiple attempts. Traci groaned now, taking the failed insertions with minimal complaint. It almost made it, but Keira was too worried about hurting her. Traci pushed back with annoyance right as Keira pushed forward, making the ball pop in painfully.

Traci launched upright, grumbling as she paced in a circle. “f*ck that hurts!” She covered her firm ass as she grimaced. “f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!” She wanted so badly to push the ball out, but she knew keeping it in would be required.I just don’t know if I can take whatever else they do to me.Keira offered her hand, allowing her to squeeze it to distract herself from the discomfort. Once the pain lessened, Keira gave her a soft hug before sending her to the next room.

She knocked on Molly’s door, hearing some generic pop music playing. The cute blonde was dancing as she opened the door, trotting back to her bed as she waved Traci in.Bubble-headed idiot.She turned down the volume and directed her guest to bend over the bed for the next item. Traci followed along, knowing any resistance would cause The Master to make an appearance. She didn’t want that.

Molly took a small, pink silicone vibrator and switched it on. She licked it up and down, giggling as it tickled her tongue. She stepped around and nudged the humming toy into Traci’s behind. “Make sure you keep it in.” She pressed it all the way inside, using a finger to push it even deeper. Traci frowned, standing up as she acclimated to the strange sensation. The vibrations caused the ball to wiggle and it felt kind of nice as it went deeper. She pressed the chastity belt closer, failing again to find pleasure in her predicament.

She left Molly without saying any more, irritated by her youthful exuberance. She skipped the brown door, knowing that Gina was hidden from the group for now, and went to the blue door. She found the older woman sitting on her couch. She beckoned her guest closer, waiting for her to carefully sit down before pouring her a glass of water from the pitcher.

Julie was in her late thirties, but her body was in excellent shape. Her hourglass figure, long legs, and big breasts helped her succeed over the years – but it was her behind the scenes work that gave her all the control in this environment. Traci didn’t know all the details about her, but she had always felt like a mentor.It will be sad when she leaves.

Traci took the cup of cool water, drinking half the glass. She took another sip to satiate her dry mouth. “So, what are you supposed to do to me?” She shifted uncomfortably, a faint hum coming from inside her.
Julie sipped from the cup, looking to the pitcher with purpose. “You have to drink all of that.”
Traci eyed the perspiring glass pitcher, raising her trimmed eyebrow. “That’s it?”
“That’s it.” Julie crossed her lengthy legs at the knees, leaning back into the plush seat.

After finishing her cup, Traci picked up the modestly-sized pitcher, gulping down the cool water.Good thing I haven’t eaten for a while.She paused to catch her breath before resuming. She wanted to stop, but again she thought of what might happen.This isn’t the worst thing that could be done. This isn’t even sexual!She felt wetness from beneath the chastity belt.It’s distracting me from the vibrating ball in my ass, I guess.

Traci lifted the pitcher, raising it as it emptied, drinking the water begrudgingly until it was all gone. Her belly growled and she felt ill, but she was ready to move on. Julie gave her a deep, sensual kiss before she left. She appreciated the gesture, but it only served to excite her even more. In the hallway she tried again to slip a finger past the tight-fitting belt, but no angle allowed entrance. She huffed, moving her long hair back over her ear before knocking on Willa’s door.

The white door opened, leading to a clean, colorless room.How does this simple-minded girl get ‘me’ in trouble?She couldn’t hide a sneer as she looked at Willa. Her simple, bucktooth smile and withdrawn eyes made Traci angry just looking at her.The freckled nose, big brown eyes, and lush lips – I bet a bunch of viewers want to protect her.She scoffed at the thought.Don’t they see she’s a feeble-minded whor*?

“This way, Traci.” Willa brought her into the bathroom.
“Are you f*cking serious?” She snapped as she saw the nozzle on the end of the shower hose. “Why an enema?”
“I’m just told what to do. I don’t want to-“
“Oh shut the hell up.” Traci set her jaw as she reached back and leaned forward.
“What are you doing?” Willa spoke meekly. “They said you have to keep it all in.”

Traci didn’t respond, standing up with a crinkled nose. She sighed defiantly before taking the hose and inserting the smooth nozzle. She reached back to turn on the flow, but again Willa cut in, saying she was supposed to control it. Traci threw her hands up in defeat, leaning on the toilet seat as Willa cranked the handle. A small amount of air came first, then the water flooded inside. She stumbled ahead, failing to hide the incredible discomfort she was feeling.

Willa turned the handles counting up as she stepped back. “1, 2, 3, 4…”
The flow was overwhelming, causing Traci to shift and complain. Her heavy breasts bounced as she stood, clenching her teeth as a steady flow of water pushed in and around the vibrator and rubber ball. A burp slipped out as she placed a hand on her belly. She felt even more queasy now, but she knew The Master wouldn’t do anything too severe.

She turned back to Willa with a pointed glare. “What f*cking number are you going to? Can you even count that high?”
“37, 38, 39…”
“Jesus!” Traci stomped her barefoot upon the tile. She whimpered as she felt her expanding belly. Her flat stomach was now swollen and tight, showing a prominent gut on her shapely body. She had taken inflations before, but without being able to touch herself it was far more difficult. She moved over to the sink area, putting her leg up and humping the edge of the counter. She tried desperately to enjoy the enema, but the dull pressure on her puss* didn’t help at all.Goddamn this f*cking chastity belt! I need to cum!She grunted in disappointment bringing her leg down.

“58, 59, 60!” Willa quickly turned the handles, stopping the water flow. “Keep it in or we have to refill.” Willa pulled the hose, making Traci gasp and back up. She squeaked as it came free, audibly popping from her ass.

“What the… No…” Traci pleaded, her straight eyebrows curling upward. “I can’t…”

Willa spun her around, her eyes getting bigger as she saw her distended belly. Her eyes slid up after a pause and she took hold of Traci’s cheeks, giving her a long closed-eyed kiss. Traci blinked with surprise, her expression still fraught with pain. She clenched her ass tight as she was led from the room and into the next one.

Only three rooms to go. I can do this. I have to do this. Who knows what happens if I fail.She leaned on the wall as she knocked. The younger Russian girl invited her in with a cold stare. Nika sat on her bed – her young, firm body looking immaculate under the warm lights. Her smooth, light skin made her dusky eyes and glistening lips pop. Her modest, upturned breasts sitting on display while she leaned back on the light blue sheets.

She nodded to the empty enema syringe sitting on an end table. “That is for you.”
“I can’t take any more water!” Traci groaned, showing great pain as she held her belly.
“It’s not water. Bring it to me.”
Traci did as she asked, but every movement was slow and calculated. “Ugh, here.”
Nika took the plastic syringe and drew in a full pump of air. “Spin around.”

Traci turned around and bent down. Her full belly hung as she focused on keeping her ass tight. She wanted to spray water into this bitch’s face, but she resisted the urge. Nika pressed the tip in and carefully delivered air into her bowels. She felt the air move deeper, mixing with the water as more pushed in. It was even more uncomfortable than she imagined. Her stomach gurgled as it expanded beneath her.

“Ugh, ah, I c-can’t!”
“Halfway done.” Nika took it out and pulled more air into the tube before reinserting it.

With her juices flowing around the metal area of the chastity belt, Traci was almost in tears. She needed to pee too, but she knew that if she went to the bathroom then it all would come out. The vibrator still wiggled inside her, but she had grown accustomed to it. She was on the verge of giving up, admitting defeat to her employer and everyone who watched. Nika went even slower with this dose of air, prolonging her torment as the air bubbled inside her.

“If you’re going to do it then go fast!” Traci snapped looking over her shoulder with agitation.

Nika obliged, pushing the remainder in without pause. It was too much, making Traci pull away as she squeezed her ass shut. A quick fart escaped as the rest moved deeper. Her belly was quite pronounced now, looking very pregnant with water and air. Traci growled and stomped around, looking to the bathroom and contemplating stopping prematurely.

“Better hurry to the next room.” Nika snigg*red. “Don’t want to spill on the way… Unless you want me to make you feel better.” She purred as she approached Traci from behind, reaching beneath her arms to hold her breasts.

Traci had to focus on keeping her ass sealed, allowing the girl to touch her freely. She felt the girl’s perky breasts pressing against her back as delicate hands cupped her own bosoms. The small girl pushed her crotch forward into Traci’s ample rump. It felt nice, but her only thought was of how much she wanted… needed to cum. She was filled painfully full, but her main desire was to remove the restraint. The soft caress of the Russian girl made the yearning desire ten times worse, but she was in no state to resist.

Brushing Traci’s long hair aside, Nika planted soft, sensual kisses along her neck. A shiver ran through Traci’s body as the girl’s hands slid lower, running along her belly and down to her waist. It was escalating into a rough embrace as Nika held her close, kissing more forcefully. Traci whimpered as she built the willpower to step away, desperately trying not to release all the fluid collected inside her.

She lumbered into the hall, moving to Taryn’s room. She was startled by her entrance, taking an average-sized green butt plug from her bedside table. Traci was sweating as she leaned over the bed, awaiting its insertion. She was too pained to refuse the plug. Taryn came behind her, rubbing some lubricant on the toy before spreading her visitor’s ass. She lined up and eased the tip inside. Traci bit her lip and pushed back. Her ass swallowed the object, causing her to sink lower. She did find some relief, now able to focus on the rest of her pain instead of holding her asshole shut.

The pudgy girl had a warm, friendly expression that gave her comfort.All those times I f*cked her over to win some competition… I feel kind of bad.Ugh…She fought through the various pains in her water-laden body.I wonder if she knows we’re on an internet live-feed.Taryn rubbed her back as she thought.Eh, she’s just too bland and stupid to be a favorite.Taryn reached back suddenly and took hold of the plug, shifting it up and down in her ass.

“Ah, ugh… ugh…” Traci groaned as the toy pulled her asshole open.

It was difficult to stand, but Taryn helped her to the door, pinching her nipples to help her concentrate. Taryn sent her on her way with a playful spank, making her stumble clumsily into the hall.I don’t feel so bad now… f*cking bitch. She glanced to the other end, seeing the violet door.I kind of miss Lilly. She knew how to be entertaining. She was fun to f*ck with. Maybe she’ll be back.

After reminiscing, she opened the final door. Katja stood with her arms crossed. The bright-eyed blonde looked unusually playful as she sprawled in her seat. Her thick, rosy lips and large pink nipples were the only color on the pale blonde girl. Her striking blue eyes darted to the long metal pole that stood erect in the center of the room. She gestured to the pole with a knowing smirk.

“What is that for?”
“Your ass. Have a seat.” Katja’s spoke with a thick accent.
“You can’t be serious. Do you know what I’ve been through?”
“I know. You look tired and this is the only seat I offer.”
“My ass is already full – but if you take this off…” Traci tugged on her chastity belt. “Please?”
“No. Sit.”

Traci stared for a moment, disbelieving what she heard. She knew she had to listen, but that meant she needed to remove her plug.It’s all going to come out…Why did The Master give me the plug first? Unless he wants me to sit with it in! Ha! That’s not so bad then.Opening her ass, Traci waddled to the pole and centered the rounded end against her butt-plug. She leaned back, causing an aching pain as the plug went in to its limit. She let out a stabilizing breath as she looked to the observing European girl.

“Happy?” Traci glared.

The wooden chair flexed as Katja arose. She walked leisurely, coming over to run a finger down her visitor’s spine. Traci shivered, balancing atop the tall metal pole as she hugged her belly. She was sweaty and breathing laboriously. The dark, ambient lighting would normally relax her, but the pasty woman circling her made her uneasy.

The girl put two cold hands on her shoulders as she leaned close and whispered. “f*ck you.”

A sharp pain made Traci squeal in agony. She felt the plug in her ass pop in entirely, pressing upward as she slid lower on the metal shaft. She was moving lower without help now, her legs sliding outward upon the fine carpet. Her weight pulled her down. She tried to reach for Katja, but she moved back, watching her torment with glee. Traci couldn’t stop her slow, painful descent.

“Ah, oh f*ck… ah…” Traci slowed and finally stopped, nervously looking around as she froze in place. “Help!” She was afraid to make any movements. The vibrator was still going and now, as it wedged against the other items, was stirring the water inside. She groaned as her ass clenched tightly around the slender pole. Her feet were mostly outstretched, placing most of her weight upon her heels and the shaft jabbed up her butt. She carefully placed her hands upon her knees, catching her breath as she prepared to move.

A deep breath caused the plug to shift inside her. She abruptly slid lower, causing her to whimper in distress. She felt the vibrator wiggling as she looked down. Her water-filled belly was trembling ever so slightly and it let out loud growls as the air churned. Her vision was blurry. She felt close to passing out from the ache in her bowels. Taking a moment to collect herself, Traci grit her teeth and pulled her heavy body upward.

She nearly pulled free when Katja stopped her. She looked with despair as she dropped back down, forcing the metal rod deeper into her ass. The plug pressed against the vibrator and that pressed the ball farther inside. She was packed so tightly that no water came out. Her puss* was sopping wet behind the chastity belt, but she was too hurt to have interest in an org*sm. She wanted desperately to get off of the metal pole, but she was worried Katja might stop her again.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she begged. “I’m done, I can’t take it. Please help me.”
“You want help?” Katja opened a nearby drawer and held up a small key. “Beg you whor*.”
“I will do anything you want, let me go!” Traci couldn’t maintain any form of composure. “It hurts and I can’t handle it. I need you to help me up! I’m sorry for everything… PLEASE!” Her inflated body quaked as she sobbed. She wasn’t moving any lower now, but she was too scared to move.

Katja’s good nature faded, changing into her usual guarded expression. She unlocked the belt and loosened the straps, allowing it to fall to the floor. She put her arms around Traci and lifted her awkwardly. They were both careful, avoiding any fast movements. Traci wasn’t off entirely when her desire returned. She pulled Katja close pressing their bodies together. She was in immense pain, but she needed to cum.

The full-bellied brunette perched atop the metal shaft grabbed the fair-skinned woman’s hips. She grabbed handfuls of the springy ass, forcing their shaven mounds to touch. The Russian woman’s nipples pressed into hers and she didn’t try to resist. They moved, breathing heavily as they drank in one another’s scent. They weren’t friends, but they both enjoyed the embrace. Traci yearned for an org*sm, her teary eyes glistening as she kissed Katja.

With a loud moan, Traci jerked violently, sliding a little lower on the pole as her long legs trembled. She let out a couple of quick squirts onto the carpet beneath them. Her org*sm lasted for a while, her tensed body finally able to unwind. She gasped weakly as goosebumps formed on her radiant skin. Her head bobbing as her eyelids hung low.

Moving her hips with excitement, Katja slid her hands through Traci’s voluminous brown hair, gently biting her long neck as the org*sm passed. She reached lower and held onto Traci’s rump, pulling her up and off of the unyielding object shoved up her butt. Traci took a few steps to find balance, using Katja for support.

“You can empty now.” The stoic expression showed a hint of sadness. “Go back to your old ways.”
Traci looked at her in utter surrender. “I’m really sorry.” She showed her teeth in pain as she gestured to the bathroom.

It was apparent that Katja didn’t believe her, but she felt compelled to help anyway. With some care, the Russian girl walked her into the bathtub and removed the butt-plug. A deluge of water blasted out, mixing with air as it sprayed. Loud, sputtering farts and soft, pained grunts could be heard as Katja washed her hands and returned to her bed. She almost felt bad to see Traci get her long deserved punishment… almost. She reached a hand between her legs, rubbing her cl*t as she listened to Traci’s misery.


“I see things have gone pretty well while I was gone.” Isabel watched the toddlers playing as they sat in the living room. “I also see you haven’t slowed down.”
Ashley rubbed her swollen belly. “I’m about five months along with our second now. My son is so wonderful, I couldn’t be happier!” She reflected on the past months. “Jack is a great dad.”
“That’s good to hear. How is everyone else doing?”

“Betty and Hank love their new plaything; Candice is perfect for them. She always lets them put things up her butt. Oh, and she’s going to have twins.” Ashley smirked at the thought. “My dad and Candice’s mom are a thing now and their first child is on the way. Irene and Mary are always helping us take care of the kids and maintain this place.” Ashley glanced over. “Thank you again, this is better than I could ever imagine. Everyone else loves it too, but I bet you had something to do with that.

Isabel gave a wry smile. “This is your last day like this, why don’t you have some fun before I go. I’ll keep an eye on the kids.”
“Anything goes…” Ashley stood up, thanking her as she went in search of some excitement.

She found Jack and Hank playing a video game on one of their massive televisions.They’re even bonding more, this is perfect.She didn’t have to say a word as she sat down beside them. They finished the current section and paused, giving her their full attention. She skipped the foreplay, already excited by the thought of them in her at once.

Ashley straddled Jack, using some saliva as lubrication when she guided him in. She moved gently at first. Hank decided to join, stepping behind her as she rocked her hips upon her boyfriend. She used more spit to open her behind in preparation. Hank got into position and put his co*ck between her soft, springy ass cheeks. She set her jaw, tensing with pain as he pushed deeper. She hastily reached back, hitting his side softly to slow him down.

Hank was almost in entirely when she tightened. He whimpered, erupting suddenly from the intense sensation. She looked back with a peeved smile – disappointed, but understanding as he blew his load into her ass. She turned her attention to Jack, wondering how long he would last. She tensed even more, feeling discomfort from the pulsing co*ck in her ass. As expected, Jack came within seconds, delivering a far more pleasing load into her excited puss*. Her belly bounced as she worked their seeds out and they weren’t limp, so she demanded that they go for another round.

They took a moment to recover and wipe away the excess before taking her on the carpet. Things were in full swing when Greg stepped into the room. Ashley’s clear blue eyes locked with him as the father and son f*cked her. She commanded him to accept the twisted situation long ago, but he was clearly hesitant about joining. She waved him closer as Jack’s co*ck poked past her tonsils and Hank pumped her puss* from behind. After a pause, he finally committed.

She put a hand on her dad’s erect shaft, working it for a time as he looked to the other men with disdain. She took Jack’s co*ck completely down her throat before nudging him aside, moving her mouth to her father. He gently held her hair as she swallowed his pole. She closed her eyes, working her tongue as her dad started to get into the groove. Jack laid down next to her, stroking his co*ck in anticipation as she blew her dad. She guided them over, sitting atop her boyfriend as she put Hank’s co*ck back into her ass.

Ashley took the three men at a slow pace, greatly enjoying the relaxed movements from behind. Her father was itching to go faster, she knew, so she swapped him with Hank. She kept her ass relatively clean from all the enemas, but the thought still gave her pause. She ignored the thought and swallowed the co*ck that came from her ass. After a few shallow pumps she took it all the way, gagging as it hit the back of her throat. She opened up and the next time she took it easily.

Her ass opened wider as her dad pumped her behind. His co*ck was slightly wider, but she quickly acclimated and enjoyed the feeling. Hank’s cum still lubricated her asshole and Jack f*cking her from below made it feel marvelous. She rode them for a time before her dad’s paced increased. She knew he was about to blow, so she let the co*ck slide from her mouth. Looking back with clear blue eyes, she asked him to fill her ass with more cum. His face tensed and he came almost in an instant.

Ashley giggled as his cum transferred. She loved having control of them. She looked down to Jack, hiding her smile as she spoke. “I want you to cum too. Fill me up again.” Her mouth hung with a slight smile as she watched him focus, pounding her harder for a moment before he came too. Her pregnant belly rubbed against him as she continued moving her hips, draining both co*cks inside her.

She looked up to see Hank stroking himself quickly. He stepped closer and put the tip into her mouth as he moaned. Thick ropes of sperm shot to the back of her throat, collecting as he eased more of his co*ck inside. She had to swallow after a moment, feeling the warm sperm roll down her throat and collect in her belly. Her father turned away and headed down the hall. She felt so depraved and dirty after taking three guys at once, and she suddenly had a devious urge.

“Daddy, wait!”
“I have to use the bathroom. I needed to pee before we started.”
She beckoned him closer, building up the courage to ask. “Can you guys…” She went down, resting on her shoulders with her used ass in the air. “Just go in my butt.” She knew it was wrong, but she was so aroused by the idea. “Please?”

Her father was apprehensive about the idea, but he didn’t turn away. Jack came up, slipping his semi-hard organ into her ass before letting go. She gasped and tensed, feeling the warmth spreading inside her. He had been waiting too, evidently. The look of confusion on the other men’s faces was priceless. Ashley closed her eyes and sighed as she waited for Jack to empty his bladder. She took a lot before he pulled out and moved aside. She had to clench her ass shut, waving the next person over.

Hank and Greg looked at one another before Greg stepped up and squatted down. He didn’t fully approve, but he joined regardless. It felt very strange having his thick co*ck plug her up. He was still hard, pushing in entirely before releasing a flood of hot liquid into her bowels. It came out like a fountain, making her pregnant belly droop even lower. He shivered as he let out the last few pulses. When he was done he stepped back, leaving her with a full stomach that touched the floor.

Ashley was full, but she didn’t want to exclude her second father. She took Hank’s hand with an innocent smile. She nearly laughed as his co*ck rose higher. He got behind her and nudged inside. She had to focus to keep it all in, but once he plugged her she could relax a bit. He pressed in and waited. She was resting on her elbows now, and with a doe-eyed glance over her shoulder, she urged him to continue.

“Go ahead, I can take more. Fill my ass up.”

Hank audibly relaxed and she felt more warm water flooding her insides, pushing downward to collect in her sagging belly. The voluminous enema made her pregnancy even more pronounced and it was nearing too much for her. Ashley felt dirty from the experience, but deep down it also aroused her. She closed her eyes, breathing heavily through her mouth as she took more and more. She felt the flow stop and start a couple of times before he carefully slid free, leaving her to hold the collected bodily fluids on her own.

It was difficult to stand up with such a pronounced, swollen belly. She imagined this is how Candice felt carrying her twins. She had to keep her aching asshole pinched tight as she rose, standing shakily as Jack supported her. The older men watched with astonishment as the teenaged girl stood before them holding a triple urine enema. Her stomach gurgled as her pretty face tightened. She looked to Jack with desperation.

“Can you help me finish? I need to cum!”

With a nod, Jack worked his finger along her wet slit. He put two fingers inside without effort, rubbing along the top of her vagin* in search of her g-spot. She didn’t even need that much help, moaning loudly as he fingered her. She held out for about thirty seconds before her puss* gripped his finger, letting out lewd sounds as she came. She hugged him tightly, resting her head upon his shoulder as she trembled. Their skin pressed together and his breath on her neck excited her even more.

Shaky and drained, Ashley stumbled back. She would have fallen if her father hadn’t caught her. Her eyes doubled as she tensed with sudden urgency. “I have to get to the bathroom now!” She nearly fell a second time, barely lifting her leg as she tried to step. The three men helped her along, but it was slow and she knew she couldn’t keep it in much longer. “I can’t… hold it…”

They paused abruptly and she searched for the reason in their expressions. She looked back as her father was lining up. His co*ck split her open, pushing into her full ass without trouble. Her cheeks pressed flat against his crotch as his co*ck nestled deeply in her rump. She yelped, fumbling for words as he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer.

“What are you doing?!” Ashley asked with desperation.
“I’m plugging you up.” He grinned.

What a time to act like them!She took a step and he followed along, it was slower, but it did help distract her. The enema was harder to hold, but the thought of her dad filling her with more renewed her excitement. She loved feeling his co*ck moving ever so subtly in her butt as they walked. They made it to the bathroom door before she dismissed Jack and Hank. They gave her a questioning look, but she assured them with another nod.I need a moment with Dad.

They made it a few steps from the toilet when she stopped, raising up as she pulled his head lower. She directed him to kiss her neck, trembling as he nibbled upon her sensitive skin. He seemed to be excited by her scent, pumping a little more vigorously than when they walked. She moaned as he f*cked her. Her full belly sloshing as he drove his co*ck deeper. He was careful not to come out more than halfway, but it still felt fantastic.

He kept one hand on her hip, but the other snaked higher to cup her milk-filled breast. He kneaded it in his strong grasp as his other hand moved lower. She felt a finger on her cl*t, pressed in by the weight of her inflated belly. She glanced down, watching her pregnant stomach bouncing as her father plugged her ass. One of her tit* rested in his hand while the other swayed from the motion. Her dad stopped suddenly and she looked up to see uncertainty on his face.

“Go ahead, I can take it.”

She grunted and breathed through her teeth as her father pumped her faster than before. She only meant she could take more cum, but now she couldn’t even tell him to stop. Her young, smooth face twisted into a grimace as she endured the painful f*cking. Her belly growled and she felt wetness upon her inner thighs. She thought she was leaking, but she realized it was coming from her puss*. She enjoyed this more than she knew.

He was touching her cl*t as he pumped her, but then he slid a finger inside too. He hit her g-spot in an instant, making her cum harder than before. She quaked as he slammed her ass, her asshole wrapping tightly around his shaft. To her delight he came at the same time, shooting even more up her ass as she relished in the aftereffects. She pushed back, taking his co*ck to the limit as it pulsed. The pleasure faded and left her with an unpleasant ache. She desperately wanted to push it out and now his co*ck was going limp too.

She rushed forward and plopped on the toilet, blasting out her contents as her stunned father watched. Her face reddened with embarrassment, but her father only smiled warmly. He stepped forward and stroked her hair as she let out more and more. He comforted her for a time before leaning down to kiss her forehead.

“You gonna be okay, sweetie?”
“Yeah. I’ll be… fine.” She let out another torrent of collected fluid. “I love you, Dad.”
He gave a beaming smile, leaning down to kiss her once again. He left her alone to empty and she knew he was getting more comfortable around his new family.

She recalled the time with Jake and his cronies. How they f*cked her and then used her as a toilet. She begged to remember some of the things that happened, but Isabel always said no.Looks like some memories come back on their own.She smiled as she let out another deluge.Maybe it’s good not to have them all at once anyway.Her face scrunched as gas rolled through her midsection. She knew they wouldn’t all be welcome memories, but she still wanted to remember.Even if the commands don’t stay forever, I think we’ll be okay.

Sitting outside, Irene, Jane, and Mary enjoyed some mid-morning coffee. They chatted about current events in the news, glad that they kept a distance from society now. Jane gave some insights to psychology and Mary spoke of her teaching experiences. Irene was discussing an interesting court case when Betty approached, taking a seat at the patio table. She joined the conversation easily. For a time it was like any normal social gathering, but all of the women were naked and soon the topic changed.

Betty noticed Jane shifting uncomfortably. “How are you holding up? Enjoying my little game?”
“How are you able to keep it in so easily?” Jane leaned back, no longer forcing her good posture.
“Practice helps, and it might not be the best now, but you learn to love it. You get to challenge yourself to see how long it can stay in and how big you can go.”
“Holding some enemas helps too.” Irene offered. “I like this, I’ve been wet since we came outside.”
“Yeah, I think I’m going bigger next time.” Mary smiled bashfully.

Betty stood, reaching back as she put a leg up onto her chair. A thick blue double-ended dild* slid out of her ass. She took hold as it slipped out, letting out a moan as it came free. She held up the sizable dild* to her impressed friends. The toy glistened in the sunlight as she held it aside and waved Mary to stand. The chubby teacher followed her directions, letting out the dild* she was holding in her ass. It was smaller in size and length, but still impressive to hold for an extended period of time. Betty took the end and yanked it faster. Mary sprang upright and stepped forward, gasping as the toy popped free. Betty laughed and ushered her back.

While holding both toys, Betty clumsily worked the tip of the larger one into her housekeeper’s asshole. Mary held her ass wide, tensing as the thicker shaft opened her entrance and pushed into her butt. She let go of her cheeks and rested her hands upon her knees, feeling the warm toy going inside. It was over halfway when Mary had to stop. She masked her discomfort as she looked to the sky, standing up in an attempt to find a more bearable angle.

Betty pushed, but it didn’t move, only causing the woman more pain. A second attempt only caused it to slide in her grasp. While Mary acclimated to the larger dild*, Betty put the smaller one up her behind. She had no trouble, taking the toy all the way as the other two women giggled. She turned around and lined her ass up as she spread her cheeks. With some maneuvering, she took the tip of the half-inserted toy from Mary’s ass and guided it into her rump. She moaned as it slid the smaller toy deeper inside her, and she was able to take most of the exposed dild* before it stopped.

She was full and now the toy was halted on both sides. Betty was determined, however, and leaned forward. She told Mary to lean into it as well and soon something gave. Betty felt the rounded tip of the dild* slip to the side. Sudden pain from within made her yelp. Clenching her ass, Betty lumbered forward, feeling the toy pulling from behind. Mary gasped as it came free from her ass and the large dild* slapped against Betty’s leg before hanging from between her bouncy cheeks.

She now held the larger dild* halfway inserted into her ass. It was painfully wedged alongside the other sex toy and she couldn’t push it free. Betty’s expression was twisted with discomfort and surprise. Mary covered her mouth when she saw what happened and the other women only laughed with astonishment. Betty pulled, gasping as she edged the toy out, and after a moment she was able to extract it.

With a big smile, she looked to Mary. “That wasn’t what I expected would happen!” She worked her tongue upon the moist double-ended toy, licking it like a lollipop. She waited for the older woman to get back into position before reinserting the dild*. Mary took it more easily this time, and with a few twists she was able to take it entirely.

She stood, breathing quickly as the discomfort lessened. Her broad, engorged breasts resting upon her slightly bulging belly. She was only two months along, but she was finally pregnant. Betty rubbed her own belly and smiled, knowing her son was probably the father.His cum is very potent!She looked to the other women, wondering if Jack had put a bun in their oven too.He’s insatiable!

“Okay, I have an idea,” Betty offered. “I think a normal enema would be too messy, so… Jane, come over here.”

The reserved woman bent down in front of her, presenting her filled ass for Betty to use. The matriarch spread her butt apart and planted her lips upon her asshole. Jane’s tall face scrunched, showing teeth as Betty blew air into her. Her belly grumbled as air moved past the dild*. She drew in a long breath before delivering more into the tall blonde woman.

It was always a pleasure to toy with Jane, as reserved and bashful when it came to anything sexual. She could get to underlying desires of others, but she was certainly repressed. Betty blew a third time into her behind, holding her ass closed for a moment so she couldn’t let it out. Betty let go and glanced to the other two women.

“Let’s see who can hold it the longest.” Betty opened her malleable behind for Irene. “Mind filling me up?”
“It’s never a dull day around here.” Irene indulged her request, blasting three lungfuls into her rump.

Mary filled Irene and Jane filled Mary, just so everyone committed to the game. The four pregnant women stood in a circle, enduring the cramps that rolled through their bodies. Betty nodded with mischievous eyes, asking if they should take more. With cautious agreement they all bent down and made an unbroken circle, burying their faces into one another’s ass and blowing. The sounds of churning air came from everyone as they delivered the repeated gusts.

Jane jumped up and trotted aside, balling her fists. With a red face and squinting eyes, she looked up to the sun, pursing her lips as she failed to last through the roiling in her belly. She let out a humiliating fart before the dild* rocketed into the grass. Several more farts escaped as she covered her face. It was hard to believe she was Candice’s mom sometimes. The woman laughed uneasily before realizing the others were giving her supportive smiles. She finally regained composure, sitting down to watch.

All of them showed distress, but they decided to take more. They closed the circle and Betty eagerly blew into Mary’s ample backside. She felt Irene disconnect prematurely, dropping to her knees as she lost in a similar display. Air squeaked out before the dild* slid out at humorous speed, landing in the grass as she leaned into the fart. Irene was red-faced, but she didn’t seem half as embarrassed. She reached between her legs and pressed on her cl*t as she tried to force the air out, but it stopped, leaving her to roll onto her side and observe the final two.

Mary was squinting with a tight jaw, but Betty was surprised she made it this far.With a bigger dild*, no less. She has more control than I imagined – she might even beat me!Betty offered the idea to switch off now and Mary accepted. Going onto her knees, Mary drew in a deep breath and waved her back. Betty felt the woman’s firm hands spread her ass and her lips form a seal before a sharp blast of air pushed in. Her belly gurgled as the air went in and it felt like she might be reaching her limit.

It was painful and uncomfortable for a moment, but she acclimated and got down to give the former teacher her dose. Betty blew forcefully, making sure to empty her lungs with each attempt. She decided to cheat on the last one, opening her wide using her tongue. She snuck it into the woman’s clean ass as she held her hips. Mary tried to pinch her ass closed and to pull away, but Betty kept her in place and open.

The plan backfired as air rolled down her throat. It came so fast that Betty didn’t even resist. Then the dild* launched into her mouth, choking her as it went partially down her esophagus. Betty fell, but Mary came along too. Mary caught herself with her hands, supporting her weight as she sat on Betty’s face. It happened so quickly, but Betty felt the bulge as it snaked its way past her tonsils. She retched, trying to eject the object, but Mary was still trying to let it out of her ass too. They finally moved, allowing her to roll aside and release it.

The dild* slapped upon the ground as she coughed and gasped for breath. She couldn’t keep the toy in her ass in any longer, so it too shot out, accompanied by the air trapped in her system. Her pregnant belly rubbed in the grass as she recovered from the unexpected deep throat. Mary was concerned, sitting on her knees as she let out air loudly. Betty patted her leg and then her chest, slapping her boob lazily. The others laughed and soon Betty joined in, realizing how hilarious that must have been.

It was so strange to think back to the time before the command rod. Betty was always trying to be the responsible parent, enforcing the rules while Hank was away for his business trips. He knew she was lonely, and that caused her to be overbearing at times. Karen was conceited, choosing to work on her body and avoid cliques. And Ashley was snobbish, focusing solely on her social status while keeping a few superficial friends. Jack was glad things had turned out as they did.

Betty stood before them with her hands upon her hips. Her body was heavy with child in more areas than just her stomach. She was seven months along on her third child since they got the command rod and this time it was almost certainly Hanks. Jack made sure to only go in her ass until she knew she was pregnant, but there was a small possibility. She shifted, making her full chest roll to the other side of her immense belly. Her ass was thick and springy, still retaining weight from the last child. She was a perfect balance, though, having an hourglass figure in spite of her new bulk.

Karen got up to meet her mother, also carrying a seven-month-old baby in her hefty body. She had a fuller figure, no longer maintained by her rigorous exercise routine. Karen was by no means obese – chubby was a better method to describe her bountiful breasts and spankable bottom. She reached out and hugged her mother, their silky skin pressing together as they locked lips. The two made out for a moment, entertaining the spectators.

Ashley sat between Jack and his father. Reaching over, she took both of their co*cks in her hand, casually stroking them as she watched the mother and daughter. She was only five months along, but she was a tiny girl. Her small frame supported the engorged belly well, with only a little excess flab from her first child. Her golden blonde hair smelled like a mixture of fruits. She gave him a sly look before turning back to the scene ahead.

The two pregnant women caressed one another, with Betty grabbing her daughter’s cushioned rump and Karen placing her hands upon her mother’s hips. They kissed passionately, working their tongues between their mouths. Betty broke away, glancing to the spectators before leading Karen into the bedroom. They crawled upon the king-sized bed, lying back and opening their legs for their men. Ashley spit into her hands, stroking their co*cks for a moment before they approached their lovers.

They eased their co*cks in, with Jack going into his mother and Hank taking his daughter. It was tight and wet, making them ease in slowly. Ashley came up behind Jack, pressing her full belly upon his back as she nibbled his neck. He moved faster, watching Betty’s supple body bouncing evenly. She pulled him down upon her stomach, making him support his weight as Ashley stood behind him. She pressed her trimmed mound against him, making him move with harder thrusts. He looked to his mother’s contorted face, watching her pleasure as he f*cked her.

Stepping back, Ashley moved around and climbed onto the bed, lining up as she crawled above Betty’s face. She moaned as the older woman took the hint and started licking her. Ashley looked into Jack’s eyes, watching him as he pumped his pregnant mother. She leaned in and gave him a deep kiss, holding onto his shoulder for support. He worked his tongue along her teeth before rolling it deeper. She was audibly excited and she only paused to allow Betty to catch her breath.

“Mind if I join?” Candice smirked from the hallway. She came in when no one objected. Her body shook with each step, and it was obvious from her swollen chest that she hadn’t been emptying her milk-stores fast enough. Carrying twins was rough on her, making her far bigger than the others at only five months and it was a chore to relax. She was constantly horny too, which took up most of her time. There were many nights where Hank was too tired to f*ck her, so he would finger her as they watched a movie. Sometimes she’d use his touch three or four times before the end of the film.

She leaned over Karen to offer her filled bosoms. Karen obliged, latching on to her tit and drinking forcefully. The hefty breast squished upon Karen’s face, flowing outward as Candice leaned into it. She lifted after a moment, causing her boob to hang above her unrelated sister. Karen gulped, sucking from the fleshy mound as her father pumped her puss*. He reached out, slipping a finger into Candice’s slit as she bent forward. She let out a low breath, her seductive brown eyes fluttering with delight.

Candice leaned ahead as Hank worked her wet entrance, placing her lips upon Ashley’s chest. She drank eagerly from the smaller, rounded tit*. She pulled away, giving Hank a playful glance before returning to the mammary. She moaned and Jack realized his dad was fingering her ass too.

Jack looked down, watching his co*ck sliding in and out of his mother’s shaven puss*. Her lips hugged his co*ck and he felt her tighten upon his shaft. He put his hands upon her hips, placing his thumbs beneath her pregnant belly as he worked his co*ck upward against her g-spot. Betty loved it, wrapping her arms around Ashley’s thighs as she moaned. Ashley was loving it too, pulling back as she moved her hips in short thrusts, feeling Betty’s tongue upon her inner walls. She elevated her stomach, causing it to sway prominently.

Candice wiped milk from her chin as she detached her nipple from Karen’s lips. Hank removed his finger as she stepped back to watch the foursome. She crinkled her nose subtly as her eyes fixed upon Karen. Jack knew she was jealous at times, knowing she wasn’t Hank’s favorite when it came down to it. She hadn’t gotten used to sharing partners yet.

Jack kissed his mother before pulling out. He stepped around the bed to stand before the apprehensive girl. Voluminous blonde hair nearly went to her waist and her full chest compressed behind crossed arms. The subtle makeup around her clear, hazel eyes made them look so enticing. Her youthful skin was mildly tan and her belly showed minimal stretch marks in spite of its mass. Karen helped her apply lotion daily, but now she didn’t seem to remember that.

“What?” She said with a mixture of curiosity and disgust.
“Go on the bed.”
“You aren’t man enough to please me.”

Jack scoffed, knowing she had grown closer to Hank and Greg over the past few months. ‘Searching for a father figure’ as Jane told them once. He grabbed her tit* and sucked on them, alternating as he pressed her against the wall. She didn’t physically resist, but she complained as he drank from her. He proceeded to lead her by the nipples to the bed. She gasped, following along until he launched her onto her back. Her monumental belly rocked as she came to rest above the other girls.

“Daddy,” she adopted that term long ago and nobody minded. “Get your boy away from-“
Jack lifted her legs and jabbed his co*ck up her ass. He hesitated as the tip went in, watching her pretty face clench as she yelped. She breathed through perfect teeth as he eased more in. Ashley and Betty moved, coming to kneel on opposite sides of her. They both took one of her hands and placed it beneath their crotch, clamping them in place with their thighs. Candice took the hint, slipping her fingers inside Betty and Ashley as they leaned together.

Betty took the lead above, holding the younger, smaller girl’s cheeks as she planted soft kisses upon her lips. They moaned as the girl below touched them. Jack was pumping Candice’s ass now, going harder than normal just to get a reaction from her. Candice contested at first, but all her displeasure faded when he started rubbing her cl*t. Her puss* was trimmed, showing only a small patch of blonde hair above her slit. Candice always took good care of herself, in spite of how often her holes were used.

He loved the sight of the three pregnant women before him, but Jack wanted Karen involved too. He reached over to grab his sister’s rolling chest, squeezing her full breast to get her attention. He could see Hank was nearly finished, so he had her stop him mid-motion. At his request, Jack’s sister led her father to the other end of the bed and stroked him vigorously. Right before he came she aimed his co*ck for Candice’s mouth.

Hank drove in, ignoring her grumbling as he delivered cum into her upside down mouth. His balls pressing against her forehead as he let out the final few shots, making her swallow them entirely. She took it well, gasping as he withdrew. Hank was still hard, but he moved aside for now, giving himself time to recuperate. Jack had prolonged it longer than expected and now he was ready to pop. He loved her ass, but he needed to cum in that amazing puss*.

He asked Karen to clean him off. She crawled between Betty and Ashley, fitting her pregnant frame against Candice’s as she held her mouth open. Jack pulled out and went into her throat, moving slowly as not to cum immediately. He pulled it from her mouth with a pop, reinserting his sensitive co*ck into Candice’s loins. It felt warm, tight, and wet as Jack eased in. She moved her hips and he held her ass, raising it to get deeper penetration.

Karen’s mouth opened as her eyes watched his co*ck sliding in and out. Her eyes narrowed as she felt pleasure below. Candice was pleasuring her, as well as the others as Jack railed her. Their clean scent aroused him and all of them were moaning so seductively. Jack couldn’t hold back anymore. He came, slowing to a stop, delivering repeated blasts of cum into her clenching puss*. She moved her hips frantically and without seeing her face he could tell she was cumming too.

Lifting up, Karen allowed the org*sming blonde to gasp and moan before she scooted back and gave her a slow kiss. Above them Ashley and Betty were making out once again, fondling each other’s full bodies. They rode Candice’s fingers and soon they came, one after the other. It was a delight to see, as both women rocked their bellies as they leaned in to hug each other. Their enlarged breasts squished together causing milk to dribble down onto Candice’s chest.

She looked up, confused by the wet sensation. She finally pulled her hands free and Jack wondered if they had been trapped at all. She sat up wiping the milk from between her breasts and licking it. She grinned playfully, seeing Hank watching her with amazement. She reached down and took a handful of cum from her puss* and licked it seductively.

An excited look arose in Hank’s eyes. He came over and moved Jack aside, poking his co*ck into her used slit. She bit her lip, clearly excited as he f*cked her in a frenzy. Her frazzled hair danced as she grabbed onto his rump, making him thrust harder. They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before he suddenly looked pained. He grimaced as he grunted, shooting another load into her wet entrance. He hugged her closely, compressing her pliable tit* and tight belly against his abdomen.

The other girls looked to one another, saying something he couldn’t hear. They moved apart and grabbed Candice’s shoulders, pulling her down and grabbing their chests. Betty, Karen, and Ashley all sprayed her with milk, working their engorged tit* as she squealed. She held up her hands, but she was already soaked in the off-white liquid.

“This is what you get for being greedy!” Karen laughed as she sprayed from both of her boobs at once. Candice put her hands on Betty’s larger breasts playfully, trying to stop the flow, but the others kept spraying. She pulled back and covered her face for a moment before reaching out and pulling Karen down. She put out her hands, supporting herself above the saturated girl as the others stopped the assault. Candice suckled upon the hanging breast eagerly, while also snaking a hand around her large belly to touch Karen’s unsatisfied cl*t.

“I guess that helps.” Karen purred.

Betty and Ashley both drank from Candice’s exposed bosoms as she pleasured Karen. The chubby girl moaned as the finger rolled along her cl*t. She shook her meaty ass as she lightly kissed Candice’s belly. Jack watched as the women moved with enjoyment. Karen’s ample body shaking as she worked to achieve a climax. Jack stroked himself, watching his mother’s sexy ass swaying as she drank from Candice’s chest.

He had trouble deciding who to cum in this time, but he knew he had to help his sister. Jack came around and slipped it into Karen’s soaked puss*. He pounded her vigorously as the finger working her cl*t also tickled his balls. He grabbed onto her wide hips and f*cked her hard. She was gasping with pleasure and she came before he did. Her delighted moans pushed him to cum again. He gave her the creampie she missed out on, unloading deep into her loins as she convulsed with aftershocks. He squirmed as Candice’s fingers stroked him below, but he made sure to give her every drop before he pulled out.

They decided to clean up together in the bathroom, alternating quick showers in the enormous master bathroom. They returned to change the bedsheets, but Mary had already cleaned up. So, they relaxed together instead.

They laid arm in arm, drained from their romp. “This is nice. I love you all.” Betty spoke working her son’s co*ck casually, knowing it might lead to another full puss*.
“You guys have a f*cked up family.”
“You’re part of it now.” Ashley smiled. “How is your mom liking it?”
“She’s okay with it.” She looked over to Betty as she rested upon Hank’s chest. “I heard she can’t keep up with you, though.”
Betty gave an innocent smile. “She did all right. Does she mind that you… join us?”
“Nah, she’s progressive like that. If I’m happy then she’s happy.”
“Are you?” Karen asked from the other side of Hank.
“Yeah.” She ran fingers through her long, golden hair. “I realized I was in a toxic relationship before, but now I think this is good for me. I know it’s so f*cking weird, but I like it.”
Betty smiled at the ceiling. “Good.”
“Think I’m man enough now?” Jack gave her a sideways glare. “Or will I have to show you again?”
Candice put a hand on Hank’s co*ck, stroking it as she spoke. “I don’t know. Maybe I need to compare you and your dad at the same time.”

Isabel said her goodbyes, knowing she wouldn’t be gone long.I gave so many commands yesterday – I hope I didn’t leave anything out. I’ll have to bring Marcy to double-check for any odd behavior in a few months.She and Ashley both agreed long ago that their lifestyle couldn’t last. Their extended family had eight kids already and eight more were on the way.They will be loved and taken care of, though, and luckily nothing major is wrong with the kids.

None of the children would be from incest this time. The family was free to have sex with one another, but they were careful about the partners now.Wear clothing around the house, don’t have sex in front of others, and limit the number of children you have.Be loving, but firm.

She knew the kids would get an excellent education from their nanny and probably be quite successful with all of the love and attention they would receive.With so many siblings their lack of outside interaction shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Plus I will command them to make some friends and have them over when we return.All in all, she felt confident that things would be okay for them.

She got into her car, noticing Hank, Betty, and Candice sitting in lawn chairs beside the house. Candice sat upon his lap, subtly moving her hips, with her checkered maternity dress draped over the sides. Her enormous belly swayed as she moved faster, her golden blonde hair collecting upon his chest as he casually rested his hand upon her hip.

Betty leaned back, her tight tan shirt doing little to hide her prominent nipples and outward belly button. She looked relaxed as she reached out to take her husband’s hand, watching him f*ck the younger girl. She leaned over to give him a quick kiss, guiding his hand down her pants as he continued f*cking the teenaged girl. Candice jerked forward, gripped by intense pleasure.

Isabel felt for the command rod in her pocket, just to be certain.They don’t know this thing ever existed.She watched the threesome for a moment longer before she pulled away.Never cut what can be untied.


The woman thumbed through the ledger as the four women watched. “The tax collection in your territories has improved this year, however the expenditures in your family’s estate is troubling.” The older platinum blonde woman turned to Magdalene. Her once beautiful face, was broad and showing the lines of age. Her accented eyes and pink lips were in stark contrast to the prudish woman they made her out to be. Her elegant, dark blue satin robes gave her an air of eminence, establishing seniority over Magdalene and Mabel, who wore simpler, less colorful dress robes.

She closed the leather-bound book and sat proudly. “Onto other matters.” She eyed Gabriella. “I seem to recall you having a son. Why is he changed?”

Gabriella was at a loss for words. Her burnished copper hair accented her tanned skin. Her dusky eyes had small pouches beneath them and her full lips parted enough to show her two front teeth. She never did look like her curvaceous sister, but her female body was trim and only full in the areas that mattered.

Magdalene chimed in after a time. “He was a misogynistic brute, so I forced him to remain with this body until he learned respect.”

“Respect cannot be forced upon someone.” Her gaze was unwavering. “What do you call yourself now, girl?”
“Gabriella,” she spoke uncertainly.
The woman turned back to Magdalene. “The female form suits… her. I will allow it to remain. The other two council members should be arriving within a day. Until then I would like you girls to accompany me to correct an issue.”
“Surely I can find someone else to take care-“
“We shall return before evening, Magdalene.” The woman insisted. “It will just be the three of us.” They exchanged questioning glances, but gave no protest.

They set out on horseback, traversing the nearby farmlands. She brought them into the woods, down a winding path, and finally to a large clearing. She dismounted and tied her steed to a sizeable tree. The sisters followed, uncertain of what this would be. The elder woman held up her hands, gently moving them with the breeze. She spoke a few terms and turned. Her skin softened, her face smoothed, and her eyes brightened. She unlaced her robes and let them fall to the ground. She stood, completely naked before them.

They were awestruck. “I am a woman who toys with people’s minds. Your mother and aunt are aware of my powers, but they are sworn to uphold my reputation.”
“What does it matter if you can show people a younger version of yourself?” Gabriella wondered aloud.

Elouise narrowed her eyes, drawing a deep breath. “This is my true form. I am far younger than most believe. I choose the aged guise to avert any question of my power. People respect age and wisdom. If you betray my secret then I shall set untold agony upon your mind and whomever you tell, is this clear?” Both girls nodded. “Good, if neither of you is chosen then I will strip these secrets from your minds.”

“How strong is your power?” Chantal questioned. “I heard you could resist mental manipulation.”
Elouise closed her eyes and stood silently for a time. “I see you two enjoy competition. Your mother has attempted to punish you both recently, but you defy her and one another again and again. In fact, you both enjoy the sexual encounters, no matter how much anguish and shame they bring upon you. You’ve been at odds for years, but it is just a ruse. Secretly you both enjoy dominating one another.” The young woman smirked. “You two have been creative. That is no way to mount a horse, and that is very disrespectful to silence your mother with such a salacious spell… The custard was enjoyable, though.” They both looked shocked that she would know such private encounters from the past few days. “I can teach you how to resist, but I will always have full access to your minds.” She paused for thought. “Also, I believe the tentacle monster put its seed in your mother. That is just a guess, however.”

“Now, enough of that, we shall discuss your first trials.” She spoke with an authority that contrasted the young, buxom blonde woman before them. “Each council member will test you, and once you have completed our trials we shall judge your worthiness.” She eyed them sharply. “Remove your vestments.” They undid their robes and stood naked, their judge scoffed as she looked lower. “You no longer need those clouding your judgement.” She spoke a quick phrase and soon they were women entirely.

“I understand you two have been… unrestrained recently.” She walked closer, slowly and deliberately. “Mages have a tendency to use their powers for lust, especially around your age. I have known some to lose their minds to the sins of the flesh. But, amongst the commoners you must be reserved and willful. I will determine if you possess this control.” She twisted her hand in the air as she spoke a strange phrase.

“Lust motivates all people. Lust for money, for power, for knowledge… for love.” A man with bronzed skin emerged from the tree line. Fully nude, his lean, toned body flexed as he walked. With chiseled features and piercing eyes, the man stopped close to Chantal and placed a hand on her shoulder, leaning down to kiss her. She avoided him at first, but the man assured her in a dulcet tone.

The fair-skinned girl tensed, her large breasts moving quickly as she drew short breaths. She gave in and disrobed, removing her vestments before wrapping her arms around him. His growing co*ck pressed against her bellybutton as they embraced. Chantal’s full chest squished against his firm skin, both locked in a passionate kiss. He grabbed a handful of her apple ass as he moved his lips to the side of her neck.

Elouise held up a finger to Gabriella and they both watched as the scene. “She does not realize his true form.” Elouise whispered.

It was not a human at all. The orc’s grayish green skin seemed to absorb the sunlight. He towered above the girl, numerous scars running along his muscular frame. One of his pointed ears had two silver loops piercing the bottom. He bared his sharp teeth as Chantal stroked him. His glowing orange eyes watched the girl as he placed a large hand upon her shoulder. He directed her lower and snarled as she sucked him.

“This is one of our… acquaintances. His name is Dakkor the Lustful.”
“How do you keep that beast from ravaging her?” Gabriella asked with disgust.
Elouise gave her a measuring glare, “Not all orcs are unhinged savages, you bigot.”
“I’m no bigot, I just heard of their deeds and thought they lacked control in such situations.”
“I have bedded him before and he was gentle as a butterfly.” She grinned. “I asked him to be rougher, though. I know your mother is to blame for your poor racial relations, but he is a good friend. We trade favors from time to time.”

They paused to watch. He lifted Chantal easily and poked his co*ck between her legs. She gasped, grappling him as it went inside. He licked her large breasts furiously, running his gray tongue along her excited nipple. He grabbed her wide hips, bouncing her upon his oversized co*ck.

“You let him f*ck your potential new recruits? Where do I sign up?” Gabriella spoke sarcastically.
“Only a few, and just wait for the reveal, it is priceless.” They watched the two going at it for a minute before Elouise broke the spell.

Chantal didn’t notice at first, her eyes clenching as she built to org*sm. She huffed as she bounced, fully suspended in the orc’s burly arms. She nuzzled her head against his chest and something caught her attention. Chantal’s concerned eyes opened to see the orc’s monstrous visage staring at her. Her eyes went wide with fright and she shrieked in absolute terror. She tried to break free from his grasp, but he held firm, continuing the motion as she put her legs down.

He seemed excited by her struggle, pumping as he squeezed her ass, running a tongue along her neck. Her legs dangled as she pushed against his chest. The orc pulled one of her legs up, showing her cushy ass as he poked his shaft into her tight nether region. He slid the huge, glistening co*ck in and out easily as her lower lips held on tightly.

“Stop this! I will not have some half-breed freak!” She screeched.
Dakkor grabbed her sides and lifted her almost entirely off of his spear. “You do not have a choice, human.” He rammed her down, watching her yell and squirm as he continued lifting and dropping her on his girth. He went into a fervor and before long he pulled her close and unleashed a torrent into her belly.

Chantal’s hourglass frame swelled as he filled her. The orc produced absurd amounts of sperm, making her belly push outward between them. She rested her head upon his chest, scrunching her face as he injected wave after wave into her. She had an anguished expression as his co*ck slipped out, hanging limp. White goo fell between her legs, covering her inner thighs as he sat her down. She stumbled, her knees buckling under the added weight. The impact caused more fluid to splash out of her full puss* as she lay on her elbows and knees, her glistening ass raised high.

The orc nodded to the councilwoman and turned away, disappearing into the trees. Elouise turned to Gabriella and weaved a pattern in the air. The girl looked to the ground, noticing spots in the ground moving. The grass lifted as the black soil split apart, numerous grubs writhed as they came to the surface. The large, white, segmented creatures flopped from side to side until they were free from the earth. They encircled Gabriella and started moving upwards, countless tiny legs propelling them toward her crotch.

She danced and swatted the grubs aside in a panic. They fell, but quickly started the ascent once again. Her tight well-formed breasts jiggled as she hastily removed the creatures. They secreted a sticky slime and in spite of her maneuvers they clung to her toned, tanned legs. Gabriella grabbed one with both hands in a final, desperate attempt to pull it away, but it stayed firm, hissing loudly. She called for help, but both women and the orc watched her plight without intervention.

One of the larvae circled to her inner thigh and pressed up into the front opening. Spreading her puss* wide, it squeezed its thick body inside and wriggled up her vagin*. She screamed as she dropped to her knees, gripping her midsection. Another grub pushed apart her springy ass, causing the girl to lurch forward in sudden pain. She was totally unguarded now, as the collection of oversized grubs crawled up her legs in search of her warmth.

“Stop this now! Stop f*cking with my mind!” The girl groaned as more slipped through her orifices.
“This is good. You realize it is an illusion, so break the spell.” Elouise watched impassively.
“How?!” She yelled silently, her face showing the discomfort as a larger bug violated her. She closed her eyes with determination. To her dismay, the grubs still remained. Another started in, shaking as it fought to enter her tense puss*. She watched with horror as her stomach bulged farther, moving as the creatures nestled inside of her. “Help me!”

The trim blonde woman with large, perky breasts strutted closer. She gently placed her hand upon Gabriella’s expanding belly. “I can feel your fear and I can see your belly. When I first honed my skills I was overwhelmed by other’s sensations, now it is a gentle amusem*nt.” She jabbed her palm into Gabriella’s pregnant belly, feeling a pop as it gave way. Gabriella’s expression changed to shock as she stared at her depressed stomach. “Now more can fit.” Elouise smiled as she stepped back. “This isn’t a mind game. I am also an enchantress – I coerced these creatures into you.”

The bronze-haired girl pleaded desperately, but the grubs continued entering her steadily. Seeing no empathy from her mentor, Gabriella took a different approach. Angry and frustrated, she spoke arcane phrases and traced symbols in the air.

Elouise put a hand on her belly with urgency. “You didn’t…” A gust of wind came from behind her that increased quickly. An acorn and a small rock flew at the buxom blonde, disappearing behind her. She yelped, edging forward as she covered her ass. “You put it in my ass?” A larger rock lifted from the ground and hit her fingers, causing her to pull her hands aside. The rock wedged in between her firm ass cheeks. She squeaked as she bent forward, feeling the rock pulling inside of her. It disappeared suddenly, causing her to gasp and spring upright, clenching her fists in agony. Now within reach, Gabriella jumped forward and shoved her teacher.

Falling on her pained rump, Elouise rolled back, putting her slender legs into the air as the unseen vortex in her posterior pulled a few of the grubs into her ass within an instant. She shrieked and went rigid, pressing her butt against the grass. There was a muffled whistling sound as she tried to keep herself seated. She jerked with surprise as one of the bugs slapped against her exposed puss* before sliding lower and into her ass. “Stop this now!”

Gabriella knew she had the woman at a disadvantage. “You can’t see how to stop it yourself, can you?” She took hold of Elouise’s ankle and shuffled closer along the ground. She could feel the strong wind pulling into the discomforted girl’s backside. It was strong enough for the smaller objects, but Gabriella knew she was in no danger. “You think I am some amateur that only knows one school of magic?” She hoisted the woman’s legs upright, feeling some more grubs peel from her body as they flew into the trim ass in front of her. They flopped from side to side as her tiny asshole sucked them in.

“I read that spell long ago and I had almost forgotten how to cast it. Guess you need to be more thorough when f*cking with someone’s mind.” Gabriella sat and leaned backwards, scooting her hips closer to the vacuum between the girl’s legs, working her ass into place. She felt the large, writhing grub pop free. Elouise’s elongated face betrayed her disgust as her ass accepted multiple bugs from her ass. Next, Gabriella shifted and let it pull the goop and remnants from her puss*. The slime made sloppy sounds as it flowed into the other woman.

Gabriella disrupted her spell, standing to observe her mentor’s torment. Elouise had a massive belly that moved and shifted in sections. She was clearly uneased as the burdened woman carefully got up and tried to mask her discomfort. Chantal, meanwhile, stood back, laughing at the situation that just transpired.

Holding her palms outward, the young blonde girl focused her mind. Both Chantal and Gabriella held their heads in anguish. It passed, leaving a mental fog, causing them to feel dizzy and detached from the area. Suddenly they regained their senses, but found they lacked control of their bodies. “The mind is a fragile thing. If I wished, I could scramble your brains and turn you both into blubbering idiots. There are others out there who will assault your thoughts and you must learn to strengthen your willpower.” She tensed, showing anger in place of pain. “You were clever to counter me, but I feel it was mere luck that you hid such a unique spell from me.”

“Admit it, I beat you.” Gabriella sneered as her body remained locked.

Elouise pinched Chantal’s nipple, shaking her heavy breast. “You both can break this glamour, but until that time I shall toy with your bodies.” She stepped back to Gabriella and slipped a few fingers into her puss*. “You don’t want to admit it, but you’re loving this.” The full-bellied woman worked her fingers deeper, adding more until her fist was breaching Gabriella’s hole. She sneered in defiance, frozen in place by the spell. “My, my – you’re dripping down there! You’re free to move whenever you’d like.” Elouise laughed, continuing to ram deeper into her victim.

Chantal scrunched her nose and narrowed her big brown eyes, speaking a short arcane phrase. Her face tightened into a small, smug grin as Elouise pulled her arm free and stepped back, buckling in torment. The woman convulsed as muffled pops came from inside her. Her stomach swelled, hanging heavily as the fluid expanded inside her.

“You simpletons don’t understand! You have to focus your mind, not harm your captor!” She gasped as her expanding stomach pulled her to her knees, resting upon the ground as her creamy skin grew larger and tighter. Elouise strained as she toppled into a sitting position. Her huge belly caused her legs to open wide as the sphere sat in front of her. Her rounded breasts matched her stomach now as she continued growing. “You must look for the way out of your bondage! Start small!” The woman spoke with urgency.

Chantal eyes doubled and her mouth hung as she understood the hint. She relaxed herself and closed her eyes, searching her mind for the answer. She pushed her thoughts to one of her fingers, attempting to move it. It was difficult, but eventually it unlocked and moved freely. She continued with her hand and then her arm. It was easier as she progressed and soon she was mobile and freed from the spell. She halted the amplification spell and turned her attention to her sister.

“I could tell you the trick, but I think I enjoy you like this.” Chantal circled her paralyzed sibling and smacked her ass hard. The forceful blow rippled through her springy backside, but the rest of her body stayed in place. Her face showed the pain as Chantal continued spanking her. “You always find a way to win, but this time I am the victor!” She moved around to slap Gabriella’s firm breasts.

Her face relaxed as Gabriella concentrated. She stared into nothingness for a time as her sister continued assaulting her chest. Suddenly she snapped back to the moment and moved her hand and spoke another spell. “You don’t win this time, dear sister.”

Chantal stopped, uncertain of her meaning. Suddenly she felt her ass open and the familiar sucking noise came again. This time, however, it was far stronger. “You have to use the same spell twice? How derivative!”

“But it is effective.” Gabriella slowly regained her full movement, stepping away as she watched the scene. Chantal fell onto her hands and knees as rocks and debris shot toward her, slowing to swirl around her ass before they slipped inside. “See, you have to be careful with this spell, as any mistake will rip your body apart from the inside.”

A small bird flailed frantically as it too was pulled through the air and into her backdoor. A huge rock ripped from the dirt and followed, going inside without hindrance. Countless smaller items flowed into her belly, expanding it to the ground and outward in all directions within minutes. The victim opened her mouth wide as she showed her teeth, growling as she dug her slender fingers into the soft forest floor.

“How is it all going in so easily?” Elouise watched with uncharacteristic wonder.
“I made it powerful and at one small point. It is crushing anything it pulls in before it deposits it inside her. Surprised she can take that much, though.”
“Our bodies are not normal, as you see. We have used magic since our youth and it has honed our flesh and organs to be far more resilient compared to average people.” The girl with a massive belly spoke from beside them. She was clearly impressed. “Has she gotten this big before?”
“We’ve been pushing the limits over time.”

As they spoke the woman filled. Air and objects made her belly swell and now her arms and legs were thicker too. Her magically attuned body was trying desperately to find space for her increasing mass. Her ass widened, bouncing as objects bumped it from time to time. Her bountiful breasts spread as they rested upon the ground. Even her shoulders and thighs thickened, making the poor girl into a soft pile of flesh.

Finally, Gabriella halted the spell. “Maybe I overdid it.”
“You think?!” Chantal griped. “How am I supposed to remove all of this?”
“The natural way.” Gabriella’s full cheeks dimpled as she smiled.

Elouise marveled at the expanded woman. “I’ve never seen someone take so much so smoothly.” She shook away her thoughts, returning to her impassive expression. “Use your portal spell, Chantal. Empty us both and place such obscenities far away.”

Chantal moved her thick arms outward to trace a symbol as she said the words. Suddenly she showed unease as the hidden portal emptied her contents elsewhere. She decreased in girth quickly, her midsection deflating until it no longer lifted her from the ground. Soon her stomach was nearly back to normal and her hips and shoulders showed minimal growth. She stopped the portal as she ran her hands upon her fair skin.

She made another portal inside her mentor. Gabriella’s shock was priceless as she felt the stirrings in her belly. Her tummy quickly inflated as the voluminous goo splashed around inside of her. “What the hell are you doing?”
“Putting this in its rightful place!”

Gabriella started to cast another spell, but she couldn’t find the words. Both women laughed as she stuttered, continuing to swell, losing balance and falling onto her back. Lying in the grass, her stomach grew into the air, trapping her beneath the sizable growth. It entered her with enough force that it pulled her, forcing her over and onto her side. The belly sprawled outward before her, not nearly as compact as it had been inside Elouise. Chantal closed the portal and giggled as her sister complained.

“You both show aptitude.” The woman retrieved her lavish robe from the ground, taking her aged form once again. “This was an enlightening experience.”
“Why use these methods to test us?” Chantal asked. “If you abhor lust so much, why use it?”
“Oh? I love the carnal pleasures.” Elouise turned, devoid of emotion. “People will always sin, I only meant for you to control your urges and keep an air of dignity in the public’s eye. You strengthened your mind today, but you two still lack control.” She gave a slight smile as she lightly touched Chantal’s hard nipple. “But… everyone f*cks.” She turned and left.

“Help me to get this out.” Gabriella awkwardly got to her feet.
“Use the natural method.” Chantal took her robes and made her way to the horses, her full ass bouncing as she walked. “Don’t be long!”


“I went for an older lady first.” The teenager spoke with a smirk. His cool blue eyes lacking any care for the women he assaulted. “She was a little older than my mom, but damn she was pretty. Her bosoms were huge!” He made a gesture showing their size to finish the thought. “You could tell she had a few kids though, because when I took them out they dipped a little low if you get my meaning.”

“Why don’t you just skip ahead and tell me the details, Leonard?”

The boy sprang up in a rage. “Don’t you f*cking call me that! My pop called me that! I’m Leo!” He yanked against the handcuff connected to the table, pointing at the detective angrily.
The man kept his cool. “Fine, fine. Just have a seat Leo.”
“We’ll get to her, but you gotta hear about the others first.” He sat down and collected himself before continuing. “So, her name was Florence, and I passed by their place more often than not.” He recounted the events.

The woman looked to him with a warm, caring smile from the porch. Her mouth was tilted slightly, and the sun in her eyes made her squint unappealingly, but her enormous breasts would always draw his view, even though she tried to keep them flat and restrained. Her clothing was normally modest, but today her flowery sundress showed a scandalous amount of leg for a married woman. The boy trotted up the steps to greet her.

“How’s it goin, Mrs. Bennet?”
“It is going well, how are you today, Leo?” She shifted, extending an invitation to sit. “Care for some tea?”
“Nah, thanks, I’m actually wondering if you could lend a hand. My family’s garden hose broke and I was wondering if we could borrow yours.”
“Oh, of course!” The woman was eager to assist. She brought him to the backyard and showed him the coiled hose sitting on the cement slab.
“Do you have a fitting for the end?”
“Oh, it must be in the garage. I wonder why he took that off.” She unlatched the side door and stepped inside, searching for the fitting.

Leo searched as well, but he found something else. He stepped behind her quietly, grabbing her arms, striking like a snake. She screamed, but he quickly covered her mouth, squeezing her tightly, directing her to the center of the two-stall garage. “I don’t really want to hurt you; I just want to fill you up a bit.” He countered her struggling, bringing her to the support beam in the middle. He used the rope he had acquired and bound her wrists behind the thick wooden pillar.

“Why are you doing this, Leonard?”
“My pop calls me that name when I’m being bad.” He looked at her without care.
“Please, I won’t tell a soul if you just let me go. This can be our little secret.”
He smiled as he ran a hand under her dress, along her knee. “Too late to stop now, Mrs. Bennet. Don’t scream or I will be compelled to do something unsavory.” He stepped outside for a spell, returning with the hose in tow. He pushed the door nearly closed and brought the end to her. He attached the brass, twistable nozzle she had searched for prior. “I read that enemas will keep you healthy, so I’m just going to put a little in you and then I’ll be on my way.”
“O-okay.” She spoke nervously, like a frightened animal. He didn’t understand why she wouldn’t want to be clean. He withdrew a tube of Vaseline from his pocket and went to his knees. He lifted her dress and pulled her knickers, sliding them to the ground. Sneaking a peek at her dark brown bush, he lubricated the hose and worked it into her posterior. She took it with only slight discomfort.

“You’ve got a mighty fine beaver, Florence. May I call you that?”
“S-sure, Leo. Just be careful down there. Mr. Bennet wouldn’t want you doing anything that would cause me lasting harm.” She spoke uneasily.
He reached forward and turned the inserted nozzle on, nearly to the max. He was annoyed she would mention her husband at a time like this. She let out a scream, shifting in unbecoming ways as he arose and stepped back. “You think I’m a cad that is going to have his way with you? I am attempting to aid you and all you can think of is sex?”

The woman was not listening, focused entirely on the water surging inside her. “Florence!”
“It hurts! This isn’t good for me!”
He slapped her across the face. “You need to be tougher! This will help you! Enemas can help you!”
“Just… Just slow it down!” Her knees buckled and she groaned in agony.
“You gotta keep the pressure high to clean all the sh*t out.” He flushed with embarrassment at the swear word. “This… this will flush you out.”

He watched her shift and struggle, her stomach growing exponentially. The dress grew tight and soon a small tear formed at the center of the bulge. She wailed, trying to pull the hose out with her foot. Leo slapped her belly, halting her abruptly. “It’s too tight!”

He watched her suffer for a time before he stepped in. He pulled the tear wider. The fabric ripped easily, exposing her trembling, expanding tummy. He decided to continue and opened the ruined dress top to bottom. The woman’s pain lessened, but she was still shifting and groaning. Florence’s belly hung low, appearing heavily pregnant as she leaned against the pillar, losing her will to fight.

He could see between her legs again, and he was aroused, but he tried to repress such sinful ideas. He couldn’t resist seeing what was beneath her brassiere, however. “I better take this off too.” He pulled at the seems, ripping the undergarment away. Her full breasts popped out and hung low. “They’re like udders!” He laughed. “Can I get milk from em?”

Her belly weighed her down, pulling against her bound wrists, her torn dress and bra still upon her shoulders. She leaned forward as the water filled stomach pressed against her thighs. “Sss-stop.” She whispered, her body bathed with a light sheen of sweat.

Leo went to his knees and turned the hose off, leaving it plugged in her ass. He gently rubbed her stomach as she grumbled. She seemed delirious, swaying with half-open eyes. She begged for release, but he explained that she had to retain the water to have a better effect. Sinful thoughts raced through his mind as he saw her privates. “Your beaver is pretty dang wet, Mrs. Bennet.” He leaned over to look into her eyes. “I know it’s wrong, but we could have a fling if you’d like.”

Her eyes widened with understanding and she shook her head lazily. “No, no…”

He was about to touch her down below when he heard a car approach in the driveway. He sprang to his feet and bolted through the side door. He got around the house and paused to watch. Mr. Bennet got out of the automobile and pulled the garage door open. The look on his face was a mixture of confusion and horror as he saw his naked, inflated wife.

Leo smiled, looking to the side. “I remember hearing him crying. I heard the sound of water splashing and I can only imagine how he felt while watching his wife leaking like sieve.” He leveled with the detective. “I never got in trouble and they moved away the following week. I guess it was too shameful to admit.”

“You’re a monster.” The man standing against the wall shook his head with disdain.
“My ma and pop always said a good deep enema would do your body right. I was just trying to help those ladies, but they didn’t understand that. Doesn’t matter none if I got my jollies from their ordeal too.”

He recalled the next girl, Connie. It had been a few months since Florence and he was antsy to help another girl. The slim Irish woman was visiting a Jazz club and partaking of some less than legal moonshine. He wasn’t a man to judge, as he was enjoying some too, watching her from a nearby table. Her lacy blue dress barely covered her knees, so she knew the clientele she was drawing in. Every man that approached, however, she turned away. She told them her beau would come along shortly, but he never showed.

She left at around midnight, and he followed. “Excuse me, ma’am. I don’t mean to intrude, but I saw you sittin’ alone all night and I don’t think that’s right.”
“Oh, it’s none of your business, I believe.” She spoke in a thick accent.
“I just want to make sure no unsavory types accost you on such a fine evening, no need to be ornery.”
“Ornery? You don’t know the half of it!” She smiled. “You best walk on before I show you my bad side.” She flashed a small, palm-sized pistol.
“Well that seems a little forward of you.”
“Says the one who has been eyeing me all night – leave me be and we’ll forget about all this, aye?”

“I backed off.” He paused his tale. “But, I had a good guess of where she was heading. I followed that rich trick downtown and jumped her by a full-service gas station. She didn’t even get the chance to draw that peashooter.”
“Weren’t you worried someone might catch you?”
Leo chuckled. “Course not. No god fearin’ lamb would be out that late and everyone else was partying at the speakeasies! I’m sure some people might have come around, but what are they gonna do?” He shook his head, clearing the thought. “I’d never seen such a place in my life! I tell ya, the automobile is an amazing thing, but they have so many pieces and parts to take care of. Anyhow, I brought her to one of those ECO air service stations…”

“I’m gonna have to try something different tonight, sweetie.” He threw the gun and man-handled her, ripping away her lavish clothing before coiling her in the lengthy air hose. She tried to escape, but she wasn’t a fighter by any means. He weaved it through, so the air could still move freely as it restrained her. “I read water is good for your insides, but lets see what happens with air, what do ya say?” He knelt behind her and wedged the wet tip in so it would stay open.

“You damned pervert! Bet you can’t-“ He pushed the inflator inside and fed the remainder of the hose into her clenched ass.
He got up and moved back to the front. “What? Not so ornery now, huh?”
She seemed to finally understand the gravity of the situation. “I’m sorry, just let me go.”
“Nope, you’re going to inflate like a balloon.”
“I swear I won’t tell anyone.”
“What is your name, honey-pie?” She stared blankly, so he asked a second time with a little added zest.
“Connie is a pretty name. What are you doing at such irreputable places in these late hours?” Leonard clamped the hose before flipping the switch. He let a small amount of air past as he smirked.
“I-I was waiting for someone.” She clenched one side of her face as the air moved inside.
“Your beau.”
“He normally finds me in there, but tonight he-“ She buckled in agony. “Ugh. Tonight he was absent.”
“You’re a jezebel?” She paused before nodding quickly. “Well, you should be used to this kind of thing then!” He released the pinched section, allowing the airflow to increase. Soon her belly was peeking below the hose around her.

She bucked and screamed, her stomach making lewd groaning noises as air collected in her midsection. He paced around the restrained woman, watching her body grow and pull upon the rubber hose. She snapped angrily once again as her belly rolled around the constricting tube. Her breasts bulged in kind, and her rump was widening as well. Her fat ass enveloped the pole, allowing it to nestle comfortably between her cheeks. The woman struggled, begging as she cramped. “Isn’t there something I can do to get you to stop this?”

“Nah, I think you deserve this – maybe it’ll fix you.”
He could hear the rubber stretching as bulges formed. It wasn’t long before multiple sections popped from the pressure. The humbled ginger slumped, falling to the pavement with the ruined chunk of hose still sticking out of her ass.

“I still recall how that metal nozzle went shooting like a damned rocket!” Leo made an embellished gesture. “That girl sounded like she had been eating beans for a week! She filled like a balloon and emptied like a whoopee cushion!” The boy’s laugh faded as he thought. “So, now I’ll tell you about the last one.”
“Yep… She was the most fun, I’ll tell ya!”

She was one of the prettiest girls, he recalled, growing up only a few houses down on the edge of town. “She had been my teacher and always kept on the sunny side. She was almost perfect, except for one glaring flaw. Her big, blue, bedroom eyes lit up as she saw me that day. She wore a light blue sweater over her knee-length white skirt and contrasting yellow blouse. She even had a blue ribbon in her long black hair and soft black stockings. She was young and ample chested, too.” He closed his eyes and smiled. “Of course all the boys tried to get with her, but she wasn’t having it. She played the part of the innocent woman, but I knew better.”

“She didn’t belong to any man, but she was a ‘family friend.’ A couple of years had gone by since Connie and I was itchin’ bad! She would join us for dinner from time to time and my parents never seemed to notice how she stared at my pa. That day I decided to punish her for her adulterous thoughts.”

He ran up as she was approaching her door. “Miss Coen, you dropped these” He offered her a pair of white lace gloves he had pilfered from his mother’s belongings.
“Uh, thank you, Leo, but I don’t believe those are mine.”
“Oh.” He tried his best to sound sad and pathetic, looking down as he spoke. “Sorry, I don’t mean to bother you.” He turned to leave, but she stopped him as expected.
“You’ve come this far, want to join me for some tea?”
He turned with a big smile. “Sure thing, Miss Coen!”

He suggested they head to the backyard and relish in the tame autumn day. They sat for a time, sipping tea and making conversation. He asked about her parents, but that made her uncharacteristically sad. The conversation wound down soon after and she arose to bid him farewell.

“I actually came for another reason, Daisy.” He stood to meet her.
“I must head indoors…”
“I see how you look at my father.” She looked puzzled by the accusation. “I know you think about f*cking him!”
“I-I never thought of any such thing!” She lied. “I only… I only wished I could be their friend!”

He took her arm, easily leading her to the thick metal clothes line pole. He used some cheap rope he bought and bound her wrists tightly together behind the pole. He took the nearby hose from its hook, polishing the nozzle with his shirt and his spit. He wagged it at her before going low and snaking it between her legs. He ripped her undergarments and popped it into her rear. She barely struggled, only letting out a tiny squeak as she trembled with fear. He fed it upwards, noticing how her privates glistened.

“Looks like you’re enjoying this more than you let on.” He grinned as he let her skirt fall back into place. He stepped back to watch her, seeing her entrancing eyes filling with tears.
“Please don’t do this, Leonard. I’ll never say anything.”

He set his jaw in anger as he went to the valve and turned on the flow. The hose leaked around the spigot, but he could see that enough was getting through. Daisy jumped and pulled against her bonds, lifting up and down upon the pole as she desperately tried to escape. She groaned softly as the water blasted inside. Laughing, he turned the water off to let her recover.

“Enjoying your enema, Daisy?”
“Why are you doing this to me? What’s wrong with you?”
“You’re a goddamned hussy like all the others!”
He cranked the handle again, watching her lean forward in pain. Her long hair obscured her face as her stomach complained. He stepped closer to stand her upright. “Let me see your face while you suffer, harlot.”
“I-I’m not… I haven’t had a man…”
“Why do you lie to me? What do you have to gain?”
“I promise…”
“Well, I guess you’re gaining weight.” He poked her full belly, which pressed outward against her skirt. She shifted, whimpering as her stomach toiled. He turned the valve again, listening as she huffed.
“I’ve never been with a man and I don’t want your father!”
“Liar!” He spun the valve to the max.

She let out a long gasp, shaking and weak from the sensation. It filled her quickly, causing her belly to visibly swell as she fought against her restraints. Her waistband pulled tight and soon her midsection was pushing above and below the band. She let out quick, labored breaths as the pressure built. The fabric split and sent her destroyed dress and underwear tumbling to a pile around her ankles.

Leo stared in awe as the girl stood bottomless before him, her heavy belly hanging below her blouse. Her black stockings stretching as her legs thickened. He felt his co*ck rise as he watched her jerking frantically. With every motion her weighted tummy danced for his delight. He circled behind her to stare at her jiggling butt, enjoying her expanding rump as water collected in her body.

Coming back around, he could see her chest was growing, pushing against the yellow cotton shirt. She clenched her teeth as two formed bulges pressed against the cloth, and soon it gave way. Tearing abruptly, her shirt and bra opened for his pleasure. Her hefty breasts bounced as they came to rest, then swinging again as she cramped.

Her stockings ripped in multiple places and bulges of soft flesh peeked through. Her sweater ripped as her shoulders expanded. He reached up and pulled the ruined top away and she gave him a sympathetic look, but he only wanted to see her naked body.

Leo eyed her broad figure as he rubbed his pants. Her once slender frame now inflated to ridiculous proportions. She was fat, but it was all gathered in a very pleasing way. Her thick ass wrapped around the pole, reminding him of his time with Connie. He loved her huge bosoms, which were far more appealing than Florence’s floppy tit*. Unable to resist, he turned off the water and started to unbutton his jeans.

“I like your mom!” The expanded girl blurted. “I was trying to see her!”
Leo was stunned. “You’re a gay?”
“That’s why I haven’t slept with…” She couldn’t finish the thought.
“Well, sh*t, guess I’ll have to fix that then.” He reached in to grab his pecker when she drove her knee up with all her might. Leo stumbled backwards and slid down along the wall, his shoulder hitting the valve, spinning it on again. He curled into a ball as he watched her, unable to function due to the pain induced delirium.

Daisy pulled again and could feel the knot on her bindings coming undone. She screamed as she pulled free and fell forward onto her hands and knees. Her stomach was massive as she moved ahead slowly. Her body was burdened by the copious amount of water she retained as she lumbered through the grass. It took some time before she reached the spigot, hysterically swiping at the valve hanging beside the house. She felt a twinge of pain and nearly fell over, but she regained her balance and turned the hose off. With that, she did topple, right onto her dazed attacker.

“My balls hurt for a good five minutes, but eventually I came beneath that mountain of a woman.” Leo chuckled. “She put her hooters right on my face too. I think she tried to smother me, but she was pretty out of it too. She couldn’t reach the hose in her butt to unplug herself, so we laid there for around an hour before someone noticed us.”
“Anything else you want to add, Leonard.”
“Yeah.” He narrowed his eyes. “Those are just the ones I want you to know about. Who knows how many haven’t said a word.” He leaned back with assurance. “Reputation and all. Hell, your wife might’ve been one of those whor*s I filled up.” Leo laughed as the detective stormed through the door and met someone in the hall. He could see through the window as the man’s expression soured. The other man put a hand on his shoulder before they left.

Air Inflation – Stories by Vex (2024)


Is belly inflation bad? ›

Gastric inflation may further compromise ventilation via increases in intrathoracic pressure, leading to decreased venous return and cardiac output, which may impair out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) outcomes.

Can you actually inflate yourself? ›

It is commonly done by inserting items such as balloons, bouncy balls, or beach balls underneath clothes or a skin-tight suit and then inflating them. Some people have specially made inflatable suits, to make themselves bigger all over.

Why do guys like to touch their stomachs? ›

It is theorized that this sexual desire for belly-to-belly contact is linked to the evolutionary need for ventral-ventral contact when being nursed as an infant or to entice feelings of being nurtured and loved.

What does belly inflation feel like? ›

A bloated stomach feels tight, full and often painful. You might feel bloated even if you don't have a distended abdomen.

Why is my body inflating? ›

Swelling in the body can happen for many reasons. Summer heat can cause your arms or legs to swell if you've been sitting or standing for a while. Body parts can also swell from overuse or an injury. But sometimes, swelling is a sign of an underlying medical condition.

How do you inflate yourself with an air pump? ›

Another way with air is to do it with a pump of some sort. Stick one end up your butt and pump. But don't go too fast, you'll feel blocked. Just keep it up until you feel it in your stomach, and keep going if you want to.

What causes inflation in the stomach? ›

Abdominal swelling, or distention, is more often caused by overeating than by a serious illness. This problem also can be caused by: Air swallowing (a nervous habit) Buildup of fluid in the abdomen (this can be a sign of a serious medical problem)

How bad is food inflation? ›

The line chart shows the U.S. food inflation from March 2019 to March 2024. The overall food inflation peaked at 11.4% in August 2022. In March 2024, the overall food inflation is at 2.2%, with food at home at 1.2% and food away from home at 4.2%.

Is too little inflation bad? ›

That is, if the inflation rate is low, interest rates will also be low. If the inflation rate is higher, interest rates will be higher. The problem is, if inflation is very low — for example, near zero or even negative — then the Fed won't have much room to lower interest rates to counter a recession.

Is too much inflation a bad thing? ›

Economists believe inflation is the result of an increase in the amount of money relative to the supply of available goods. While high inflation is generally considered harmful, some economists believe that a small amount of inflation can help drive economic growth.

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